Thursday, April 30

Up for Air

I have knit exactly one row in the last three weeks. Things have been extra busy at work and with the overtime, moving, packing, cleaning, planning, etc. I haven’t had much time to sit and concentrate on knitting. I need a vacation. And maybe some chocolate cake? Oh, and sunshine. I think it has been raining for two weeks straight.

I have managed to squeeze in a little spinning here and there. It seems to be easier to pick up and put down than knitting right now, ironically, since I am still not very good at it.

So, enough whining, on with the photos! (Don't you hate reading posts where all the person does is complain about their life? I hate to be one of them...) I am attempting my first true 3-ply yarn from Spunky Eclectic’s “Route 66” BFL.

Here is my first bobbin:

Route 66 BFL 1st bobbin

Lennie in action:

spinning on my Lendrum

I actually have all three bobbins spun, and hopefully will be able to finish the yarn this weekend. We are renting a truck on Saturday and moving all of the remaining large furniture pieces to the new house.

Send “no rain” vibes – if this rain keeps up much longer we make have to move by boat!

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