Tuesday, May 5

Minor Location Adjustment

Notice: No knitting or spinning content below.

We moved last weekend. There are still a few random things (and a fridge full of food) at the old apartment, but all of the necessities and furniture are at the new place.

This is probably the easiest move I’ve ever done. That fact can be attributed to the new place being less than two miles from the old place, and the fact that we have possession of the old apartment until the 15th of May and didn’t have to do a final cleaning while trying to load the truck.

Steve and I picked up the truck at 9am Saturday and had everything loaded (from a second floor apartment), transported, unloaded, and the truck returned by 1pm. Packing the truck was like a life-size game of Tetris. And we won, since besides a floor lamp tipping over nothing else moved an inch. (Some of my forgotten muscles are still sore today though.)

moving truck

Steve is glad to be done with carrying boxes, but I think the hard part is left – putting things away. I can’t find anything I need, even the box marked “Important – Stuff We Need”.

I can’t wait to have the living room set up and be able to knit and watch TV again!

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