Tuesday, September 30


Another sick blogger here. Nothing interesing going on, just trying to get school stuff done without falling asleep in class. Gonna go lay back down on the couch and feel sorry for myself...

Thursday, September 25


I'm so happy. My first-ever sock is finished! No picture until next weekend (Oct. 4) when my Dad visits and I can use the "good" digital camera to take a photo. I'm going to start on its mate soon, but I think I need a lighter project first!

The cast-off edge on the sock just about killed me. I re-did it about 3 times, since I wanted to make sure it would be stretchy enough to put on. I ending up using a trick I found online somewhere of increasing 1 st. every other st. on the last row, and then binding off. Seemed to work ok but the edge is kinda ruffley.

In other news, I have a strip of b+w negatives hanging over my bathtub drying right now. Just developed them myself. Yes, I am cool. Gonna go in to the university darkroom tomorrow to print some of them.

Sunday, September 21

Hawks and Socks

Here's a quick scan of my progress on the first toe-up sock:

I'm thinking that one most repeat of the color sequence will be enough. Hopefully it'll be done in a day or two! Yay! Then, I just need to make the second one. sigh. I think I am going to learn how to do two at once next!

In football news, the Hawkeyes beat AZ State on Saturday in an awesome night game. Go Hawks!

Friday, September 19

Any Rundgren fans in the house?

Ok, so I'm a bit miffed by the news that pop-girly Mandy Moore is going to be doing a cover of a Todd Rundgren song (Can we still be Friends) on her next CD. Is nothing sacred??? So I went to her website and listened to a clip; it not too terrible. But still. shheesh.

and now, just because I can, I am including a shameless promotion of my coolness:

Me and Todd July 4, 2002.

(at a Kane County Cougars baseball game)

knitting news:
Running into issues with the surprise project again. grrr.. but this time I think I will just go with it and change the plan a little. You'll see eventually I promise.

I have done half the 2x2 ribbing on my first toe-up sock. Almost there! Still sticking to my goal of not starting anything until something is finished! Not sure how long that can last though.

Sunday, September 14

Bookmark - lace trial

Here's the photo of my first attemt at lace:

Its not really too terrible is it? I'm sure I messed up the pattern a few times, but was afraid the rip it apart and never be able to pick up the stitches again. It only took about 2.5 hours over two nights to finish. The pattern I used is here, under 'bookmarks'.

One more thing...

Gotta tell you that Wool Needle Work has Noro Silk Garden yarn in stock (finally!) for $6.49 a skein. Some colors are already sold out, so go look! If you are partial to nifty self-patterning sock yarns (as am I) they have over 50 colors of Regia for $4.29/ 50g ball.


I really need to stop staying up so late. I know, its not really that late right now, but I am planning on staying up and knitting for another few hours or so. So I'm gonna, even though I could fall asleep right now. I wish I wasn't so stubborn!

Moving on to good knitting news: I made my first ever attempt at lace, in the form of a bookmark. I am really pleased with how it turned out. It's not purrfect, but I told myself it was for the practice and not so much the finished project so I'm cool with it. No pic tonight, but I will put one up tomorrow.

Also, no pic of the finished Booja Bag yet, since I don't like the one I took. That should be up by next weekend. I used it for the first time yesterday - no comments but I loved it!

I am going to go put in First Contact (Star Trek movie) and work on the "surprise" project.

Wednesday, September 10

Ta Da!

Lookie! My new site is up and (mostly) running! There still are some bugs to work out, but I need to go study now, so I will work on it tomorrow.

A good Wednesday?

Today was my kinda day. Well, besides waking up with a killer headache and not really being able to shake it. I only have one class - at 6:00 pm - and only had to work for about two hours.

Plus - The X-Files 10th Anniversary Marathon on SciFi all day long, and being home to watch most of it! Woohoo!

And I made myself one of my favorite snacks, lime jello with cucumber pieces in it. (Don't say ick until you've tried it!)

AND AND AND ... I think I am going to upload the new version of my homepage tonight! I haven't had time to work on the other pages lately, and I am getting impatient, so I am just gonna put up the index page for now.

Friday, September 5

I love short weeks!

With Labor day on Monday, and no classes for me on Friday, I had a great week!

I got my booja bag finished, felted and assembled a few days ago. Yay! No picture yet, since I don't remember to take one until around now (11:00 pm), and don't like the way it looks with the flash. But it looks great, trust me ;-) The only minor issue is that is Kueryon did not felt as much as I would have liked (you can still see a hint of stitches), but the black Cascade 220 I used for the bottom felted like Nobody's Business and I was afraid that would shrink waaaay too much if I ran in through the washer again. I've never used 220 before, but now I definitely want to, for a felted and an unfelted project. (felted = bag, hat, fuzzyfeet? unfelted = hat, mittens, sweater?)

But I SWEAR, I am not starting anything new until all my WIPs are finished, and my new website it up!

The Hawkeyes play again tomorrow, and there is a race on Sunday... so stay tuned!

P.S. I am in the process of transitioning to my new site, so some things (gallery mainly) are not working right now! But its gonna be sooo worth it in the end... ;-)