Thursday, February 26

Projects in process

Finally - new pics! First off, here is the cabled strap for Tasha. The photo is a little overexposed, but it allows you to see the cable pattern better.

Here is a new ball of sock yarn from the Whenever sock of the month yahoo group. It is Ironstone; 90%wool, 10% nylon, sportweight. Something I never would have tried without the group, but I love it and will definitely use it again. The color is "Pink Hots". It looks even more awesome in person!

And yes, I did start a new project with it:

the pattern is called "Linear Lace"

This is actually my first pair of top-down socks ever. I'm glad to be following a complete written pattern for them, instead of making them up as I go like usual.

(I don't have any new photos of the two socks on two circs - mainly because I haven't worked on them any more! They are sort of awkward to handle, and I haven't had much patience for them. Hopefully that will change eventually...)

I'm Baaaaaaack!

Happy dance time - I got my internet connection working again. I've felt so disconnected without it. (D'oh - no bad pun intended!) I've also had a ton of photos to post here over the last few days. I'm going to do that later tonight! Stay tuned!

Monday, February 23

Major Issues

I'm having problems with my computer. To put it briefly, it stopped recognizing the ethernet card and internet connection. I'm trying to work out the bugs, but the whole thing is really strange. Hopefully I can get it fixed in the next few days. So, no actual posts/photos for a little while longer. =(

(I'm at work right now, but I can't post from here too much since our internet usage is monitered by the government. blah.)

Monday, February 16

The perfect mini-vacation weekend:


I spent this weekend at the Iowa Hawkeyes Football Fanfest. Loads of fun and cool football stuff. I got to go into the football complex on campus and see the "bubble", a permanently inflated - pressurized structure. Here are some highlights:

inside the bubble

the 2004 Outback Bowl Trophy

I forgot to upload a few of the photos I wanted to post, so you'll see more in the next few days. Hang in there. =)

...and racin'

Dale Jr won!!! (WooHoo!) Tony Stewart didn't win. (Good.) Elliott Sadler didn't crash. (Even better.) Oh yeah. Life is good. =) A question for anyone who knows/cares: did NBC realize there were more than 3 cars on the track?

Yes. There is knitting content.

I finished the diagonal scarf last week, but haven't taken a final photo of it yet. I'll try and remember to do that tomorrow. I've done a few more rounds on the two toe up socks, but it is slow going. Have to constantly remind myself that its OK - its TWO socks, TWO socks, TWO socks. So even though it is painfully slow right now, there will be TWO socks finished. =)

I also started a new project: the Tasha Bag, from Knitty.

Here's a pretty bad photo of the little piece I have done so far:

this is one side, that then becomes the handle

Friday, February 13

Happy Friday 13th

I'm still here.

I've had a crazy week, but it should be an awesome weekend. I'll have some good pics for you by Monday.

Everyone have a great weekend!

Sunday, February 8

Scarf Mania

I finished my Silk Garden seed stitch scarf laaate last night while watching a few movies. Here's a photo of it on the couch so you can see all the colors (they are pretty accurate on my monitor).

YAY!! I love it!

I had it on around the apartment today; it is going to be nice and warm. I kind of wanted to go outside and take a model-y photo of me wearing it... but not enough to actually go outside in the cold! For the record, the movies I watched while finishing were The Mummy Returns, The Long, Long Trailer (old Lucy and Desi flick), and Galaxy Quest.

I started a new project today - totally unscheduled.

It's the beginning of a multi-directional scarf out of Plymouth Encore. I certainly wasn't planning on making two scarves in a row, but after reading on many blogs how fast/fun/easy they are and then coming across this subtly-rainbowed yarn leftover from a hat I couldn't resist. Actually, you can't really see the color changes in that photo, but trust me they are there and look cool =)

Monday, February 2

Tip Toes

I am putting off the denim diamonds socks in order to try out some toes and heels from my new Cool Socks Warm Feel book. I'm trying to do them toe-up, both at once, on two circs. First I made two separate short row toes that looked like this:

Then I picked up stitches from the provisional cast on, put them both on two circs and started(well, attempted at least) to knit around.

the yarn is Regia multieffect

I think I am getting the hang of the two at once thing. It feels sort of slow, but I think it will get easier. I also really like the short row toe, and will definitely use it again.

I had some issues with my provisional cast on however. I have done it a few times successfully in the past so I am not sure what went wrong this time. When I tried to "unzip" the crochet chain, it would not come out. So I had to pick it back the whole way. BUT when I did there were not loops waiting to be grabbed but a solid finished edge! It actually looked like a very nice edge but that was totally not what I was going for. I'd almost like to know how I did it, to I could get the same smooth cast on again!