Mint Cloth

Mint Swirl Cloth
(photo will be back soon!)

-approximately 9 inches in diameter
-not important, but something suitable for your yarn/needles
-red and white yarn: less than one 50g ball cotton each, I used Lily's Sugar and Cream.
-straight needles that will give you desired gauge, usually US size 7 or 8

Cast on 15 stitches in red.**
row 1: knit across.
row 2 (and all even rows): knit to end.
row 3: knit 14, turn.
row 5: knit 12, turn.
row 7: knit 10, turn.
row 9: knit 8, turn.
row 11: knit 6, turn.
row 13: knit across all 15 stitches.

row 14: change to white, knit across.
One wedge complete.

Repeat rows 3-14, alternating colors each wedge, 15 times.

(You do not have to cut the yarn after each wedge. Just leave it dangling at the center of the circle and pick it up the next time you need it.)

Bind off, and use yarn tail to sew the last wedge to the first wedge. The center hole can be closed by threading the yarn through the edge stitches and pulling (like a drawstring, or the top of a hat).

**Or use could use a provisional cast on, and graft the last wedge to the first when finished if you prefer.

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