Friday, April 10

Hooray for Sheep!

My Mom is retiring from teaching this June after 35(ish? more?) years. I can't image doing the same job for 35 years at this point in my life. Also? I'm a little jealous at the idea of retirement.

Anyway, she is cleaning out and giving away a lot of things she's purchased for her classroom over the years. I received this book:

Sheep Book

It is very sweet, with a mix of photographs and watercolor illustrations. She knew I would like it and thought it would be funny to give me. What she didn't expect is that I would actually learn something from it. My fledging attempts at purchasing wool to spin have mostly been based on guesses and pretty colors. This page has at least given me a little guidance on which types of wool I might find softest:

Sheep book - wool types

I think this guy is the cutest but he is listed under "coarse" fleece. I'm afraid our paths might never cross...

Sheep Book - Lincoln sheep

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Angela said...

hooray indeed! :D