Monday, April 6

Vogue Knitting; a sort-of review

I haven't made much progress on any knitting projects this week, so I thought I'd write a little about the Spring/Summer '09 issue of Vogue Knitting that arrived in the mail last Thursday.


I received a subscription to VK a few years ago as a gift, and have continued my subscription even though I have never actually knit anything out of it. I think it can be a great source of inspiration, and fun to browse at the very least. However, this issue contains a number of things I could actually see myself knitting and wearing.

First, this lace throw blanket (OK, so it's not exactly worn...):

A slightly different take on the drop stitch scarf:

Fine gauge cowl neck (I can see this with long sleeves as well):

Last but not least, a ruffled sleeved v-neck top:

These are only a selection of the patterns I find "do-able" in the issue. There is at least one more lace shawl and a few pairs of socks I like as well. I suggest you give it a glance, even if you don't typically think of VK as your favorite mag.

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Angela said...

Yeah I totally agree! But really how often do they have really wearable stuff? The last time I knitted something out of vogue knitting it was Nicky Epstein's Flower Basket Bag.