Monday, June 30

Finally, some knitting content

Finally, some knitting content

The Surprise:
I have worked on the surprise for the last two nights, and have got a good amount done. (Still get scared when I see how much I have left though.) It's looking good - can't wait to be able to post a picture!

The Eros Scarf:
I've decided I'm going to (gulp) take apart what I have done so far, and redo it in a slip-stitch lacey pattern thing to make it a little more interesting looking.

The Dresser Scarf Socks:
These are the Cascade Fixation socks I was posting about a while back. They are made from side to side around the leg and then joined, and the foot is picked up from one end. Well, my gauge turned out to be about .5 sts off... and the leg part is wayyy to big. I am going to take it all apart (sigh) and try again sometime. But not too soon. I actually might use the yarn to make the Broadripple socks from Knitty.

My Mom and Dad recently bought me two skeins of Lion Brand Homespun yarn (blue). And suggestions on what I could use these two for? Let me know!

Sunday, June 29

I love Mario

Ok, so after a few months of procrastination (and school) I set up the Nintendo Gamecube that my parents got me for Christmas again. I love Mario and all the Mario games soo much! Its soo addicting... I've mostly been playing Super Mario Sunshine and Luigi's Mansion. A lot. Steve's playing the Two Towers game from Lord of The Rings, and we're both playing NCAA football. Fun stuff. I do need to find more two player games though. Any suggestions?

You can probably guess how much knitting I have gotten done.

Also, I went swimming tonight in the pool in our apartment complex. It was a little chilly (go figure - it's been in the high 80's all last week) but still good. I want to get a kickboard and some goggles so I can get some good exercise instead of just splashing around.

I'm considering joing the Knitting Blogger's Reading Group. Anyone else gonna? They are reading the Life of Pi, which I've been interested in reading since a girl at work had it with her and told me how good it was.

For your patience with my posting laziness, here is a picture of the sock I have been working on:

I'm doing it toe up on two circs (both a first for me) out of Lane Cervinia Forever Jacquard. (I got it at Knitpicks, but they don't seem to have it anymore)

The pictures of my other recent projects are in my Dad's digital camera 4 hours away, and its a lot to email on his dial-up connection. So once I get home and get them on a zip disk, I'll post everything for the world to see.

Friday, June 27

Why I haven't been knitting much:

I forgot to mention that my boyfriend surprised me with the new Harry Potter book. =) (shameless brag.) So, thats how I have been spending a lot of my free time. I'm trying to read slowly so I don't finish the whole thing in a few days - make it last a little longer. Am I just too weird or what?
Yay! Its Friday!

Yeah, I know... I'm a little too excitied about that. But what can I say. I am going to post some pics tonight of the projects I have been working on. Also, I am going to post a little preview of the new site layout I am working on, and would Love some feedback on it. (such as "we're go flight" or "um, yuck.")

It occured to me that the surprise I am working on needs to be done soon! For some reason this isn't enough motivation for me to work on it more though. I can say that it is done in box stitch (knit 2 purl 2) and switching between knit and purl so often is getting on my nerves.

Monday, June 23

Hi. Yeah. It's been a little while. Some interesting and not so interesting things going on around here, but nothing I am going to write about! I have been knitting a lot though. I started on my first toe up sock, made a little triangular bag that was supposed to be felted but I like it too much as it is, and working on some surprises as well. I am getting all the new pictures together to post here, as well as reworking some of the website pages (such as the gallery, which I think is kind of annoying.) More to come! Right now I am going to go felt a little coin purse thingy I made from the leftover triangular bag wool, and I will show you the finished product when it is dry!

Thursday, June 12