Wednesday, October 22

It's almost Friday... it's almost Friday...

Why is it that some weeks have not much going on, and then other weeks (like this one) have every possible thing you could ever do going on?

But, I have done some knitting at night (mostly to keep my sanity...) Here is my progress on mitten #2:

I'm just past the thumb gusset part, which is hiding on the other side in this picture.
Also, I finished two dishcloths - plain diagonal ones, good mindless work.

Notice the movement of the Fat Hat from "thinking about" to "knitting". I need a quick satisfaction project (that was not a dishcloth). At 2.25 stitches per inch, it sure is quick even with cables! So that will be fun to finish this weekend.

Hope everyone is having a good week!

Sunday, October 19

Home and back again...

I spent the weekend at my parent's house. It was nice and relaxing - do I really have to go back to class tomorrow?

I worked on sock yarn mitten #2, but didn't finish as I had hoped. I probably won't have much time to work on it this week, as I have two exams. = (

(I also made one purple garter stitch square for my sampler afghan project - all together now: OOOooooooo!)

Wednesday, October 15

Look what I've got!

I got these cool little fabric labels in the mail yesterday:

Mom sent them to me as a surprise. Big kiss for you, Mom!

Did I ever show you my newest yarn?

The Silk Garden is for the scarf listed until future projects to the left, and the sock yarn is for...well, obviously. Here's a little sample of the colors:

Friday, October 10


Finally, something is getting done around here. Here are some finished items (unfortunately two of them still need soul mates...)

Mom's Fuzzy Scarf

Lion Brand Fun Fur (white) and Woolease (pink) with a slit near one end. My own pattern.

Booga Bag

Made from Noro Kueryon (of course) and Black Cascade 220. Pattern is here.

"Magic Strips" Sock Yarn Mitten 1/2

Lion Brand Magic Stripes yarn, in "JellyBean stripes". The pattern is from Ann Budd's Handy Book of Patterns (or something like that).

Toe-Up Sock 1/2

Plymouth Jaquard sock yarn, toe up on two circs. No real pattern used, just techniques I've read about along the way. Its my first sock EVER! Isn't it cool? Doesn't it fit well? (big grin!)

I am really happy with everything here. Besides making dishcloths for Christmas, I'm not starting any new projects until I have the second sock and mitten finished.

Hey that reminds me, I got the cutest little needles to make dishcloths on. The are from Red Heart and are called kid's starter needles. Size 7, red plastic, and only about 7 inches long. Perfect! Plus, they are just about weightless, so that is great - much better than the metal ones I was using for dishcloths. I found them at Ben Franklin craft store (who by the way has a Great selection of really real yarn! I was shocked!).

Going camping in Baraboo, Wisconsin this weekend for a class - wish me good weather!

Tuesday, October 7

I hate ignorance in all its forms...

...or, "Three easy steps to being a bad driver".

1) Come to a complete stop at a protected green turn arrow. Sit there until it turns yellow while you decide if it is safe to proceed.

2) Randomly tap the brake pedal on the highway when there is no one in sight ahead of you, but a car right behind you.

3) Attempt to merge into traffic from a on-ramp at 35 mph. Look shocked when cars need to swerve to avoid you.

I had to drive more than usual today; remembered why I like taking the bus. I'm off to develop some B+W film in my bathroom...knitting content is coming up next!