Sunday, April 25

Like a hole in my head

What's that, you ask? I think it is the answer to "How much does Sarah need a new project?". Well - too late.

This is the Lacecap pattern from Knitty. Steve and I went to Hobby Lobby Friday night to get a few last things I needed for my papermaking project and found some Luster Sheen on sale. I have been wanting to make a lace summer hat for a while now - I had actually planned on crocheting it, but then remembered this pattern. We watched Signs later that night which is when most of the progress was made.

Early last week I also started on the first of five gift scarves for my Mom's coworkers. I thought they would go really quickly - was I wrong! I have never used "novelty" yarns before and they are a Pain in the butt. (Note the captial P.) I had told my Mom when we were picking out yarn "Oh yeah, these will go really fast, I can have one done in a night or two." Ha. (I also told her that she didn't have to pay me to knit them since she payed for the yarn... I might need to amend that agreement!)

I'm using bamboo needles to help control the slippage factor of the two yarns I'm holding together (one is a railroad track type and one is eyelash). Gah! Wish me luck that I can finish 5 of these by June!

Thursday, April 22

A question for sock knitters.

I have been wanting to try Pony Pearl needles for a while know. I have never seen them in a shop in person, and it seems that the size I'm looking for (0 double pointed) is a little hard to find even online. For anyone who uses these particular needles - where did you get them? I did find one website that sells all different types of needles which might be my best option. Thanks!

Tuesday, April 20

Strange Things

I went grocery shopping during my lunch break today, and stopped by the apartment to drop the stuff off. Not really fun, especially since it was pouring rain. As I was unloading my groceries, I saw something that I just had to snap a digital photo of. This is one of the maintenance guys at the apartment complex hosing off the sideway/driveway. During a thunderstorm.

Now I'm sure there was a good reason to be doing this. (well...maybe?) But it just looked too funny!

Something else strange occurred during the NASCAR race at Martinsville Speedway last Sunday. A chunk of the track actually broke loose. This quote by Jeff Gordon cracks me up:

"It's very unfortunate that the racetrack came apart," Gordon said. "It definitely took any chance we had of winning away."

Not that I'm his biggest fan... but it still sucks to have your racecar destroyed by flying concrete!

Sunday, April 18

Movin' right along

Finally, FINALLY I am finishing projects! It feels so good. I didn't get to start Anissa this weekend but I did finish two things - one that I had forgotten even existed!

Chinchilla scarf, with the jacket it was made to be worn with.
(This jean jacket used to belong to my Grandpa - I'm so glad I ended up with it!)

Silk Garden ribbed hat.

It was the hat I had forgotten about. It is made from a leftover skein of Noro Silk Garden from my Seed Stitch Scarf. I had Steve take a picture of me wearing it, but two photos of me in the same post is two too many!

I am going to ::gasp:: swatch for Anissa sometime this week. I actually bought an extra ball of yarn for the swatch since this is my first project (besides socks) in which gauge really matters. We'll see how it goes. I think I am going to have to buy a new set of needles (oh darn...) since I tend to knit loosely and don't have a size down from the one recommended in the pattern.

I'm also working on a final project for my papermaking class and that is going to have priority for a little while. I'll definitely post photos when I get to a good part. =)

Thursday, April 15

I got a gift in the mail!

OK, so that's sort of a lie. Because I bought it for myself. But I still got a package in the mail, which is always fun! It was an extravagant little purchase - Purple Opal Magic yarn. I have never used Opal before (although I do have a skein or two) and LOVE purple. So... I got this for myself! No, I don't feel guilty at all =)

Isn't she pretty? The purple is nice and bright in person too.

For the record, I got it from Carodan Farm, and was very pleased with both their yarn selection and service (I ordered this less than a week ago and it was shipped halfway across the country!). So go look around!

Alright kids, its getting close to bedtime. Gotta be at work (like AT, not "close to being ready") tomorrow @ 6:30am. That's obscenely early for me. Yep, I'm gonna be crabby by the evening... Good thing it's Friday!

Tuesday, April 13

New future project

Ok, I have decided on the project I am going to start next - after I finish one of my current ones. (This will most definitely be the chinchilla scarf, which I hope to finish this weekend, since I am no where near the end of the others!)

This is "Anissa", by Berroco knit with Luxe. I purchased both the pattern and yarn from Elann a few months ago.

In this color:

Hopefully, I will be able to start this weekend or early next week!

Not much new

I haven't been posting frequently since there really isn't anything new going on to talk about. I am making progress on my projects, but nothing exciting enough for a photo. Can you really tell a few more rows on a sock or scarf? Probably not. My plan is to finish the scarf by the end of this week, take a picture of the finished object and start something new! Not sure what yet... something completely different I think.

I saw Todd Rundgren at the House of Blues in Chicago last Saturday. He was excellent, as always. I'd post my photo of Todd and I on the 4th of July at a baseball game... but I have bragged about that a number of times already! =)

I'll post again later tonight with some options for my next project.

Tuesday, April 6

non-knitting craftiness

Just for fun, I am taking an Asian papermaking class at the University of Iowa. Besides making paper, we have also learned some decorating techniques. Below is a sheet of Japanese style paper I made and dyed by folding and dipping the edges. The green color is a synthetic dye, and the brown is made from walnut shells.

Here it is folded up:

And unfolded:

Pretty neat huh?

Sunday, April 4

NASCAR knitting

I got a lot done on my socks while watcing Mom's favorite driver Elliott Sadler win at Texas today.

I must be getting the hang of working both at once, since it seems to be going a little faster. Must have found my groove =)

So far, these are the best fitting socks I have made yet. I think it is the short-row toe. Very comfy, but looks a little odd with self-striping sock yarn.

The sides with two dark bands close together is going on the bottom =)

Hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready for another Monday!!

Saturday, April 3

You may think this blog is a cover...

But I actually do knit! See? I finished my Ironstone socks today!

I used the Linear Lace pattern, Ironstone sock yarn, and size 2 (for the leg) and 1 (for the foot) dpns.

This is the first pair of socks I have ever completed from the top down, and I am pleased with the way they turned out. I think I will be trying another pair of top down socks in the future. I also am going to buy some more Ironstone sock yarn - I really enjoyed working with it.

I am still making (slow) progress on the two toe up socks, and moving along quickly on the Chinchilla scarf. About the scarf: I'm using size 8 bamboo straight needles and the feel HUGE. I haven't worked on anything but socks on 0,1, or 2's for so long!