Wednesday, April 1

Finished: Spinning Wheel Bag

(Last catch-up post. Woo!)

I happened across this cute little spinning wheel bag on Ravelry and knew I had to make it.

Spinning Wheel Bag

I don't have any of the little tools that are supposed to go in it yet, and to be honest am not really sure even what they are. But the bag is cute, huh?

In keeping with my theme of using leftover yarn, I wanted to finish the Paton's SWS I used in my Fake Isle hat. I'd never felted it before but knew other people had successfully. (It worked just fine, but took a few trips through the machine.)

I didn't measure how much yarn I had left - just assumed it was enough. This next photo is entitled "Extreme Yarn Usage":

extreme yarn usage

The arrows point to my two yarn ends, untrimmed and not woven in. Oh yeah! That's extreme, baby. (I am unreasonably thrilled by this. I think I need to get out more.)

spinning wheel bag

Pattern: Felted Spinning Wheel Bag by Shannon Geddes (on Ravelry)
Yarn: Paton's SWS in Natural Navy
Needles: US10 Bamboo circs
Started/Finished: March 20/March 20 (about two hours around 1am)

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