Sunday, November 30

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

situation update: my laptop computer still unaccounted for, despite my husband spending another half hour on the phone last Friday. I am at work (on a Sunday) to spend a little time on the internet.

I hope everyone in the U.S. had a happy and safe Thanksgiving. We had a small get together at my parents house with good food and good company. I had Thursday and Friday off work which was fabulous since it’s the longest break from work I’ve had in over a year. (Well, if you ignore the fact that I am technically at work now…)

I didn’t have to prepare any of the main dishes for thanksgiving dinner this year. My contributions were cranberry sauce (deceptively easy to make, but not can-shaped), two pumpkin pies, a sweet potato pie, and banana pudding. Everything came off perfectly, except I ran out of sugar halfway through the second pie and had to run out to the grocery store on the night before thanksgiving. That was an adventure.

I haven’t been knitting much lately. I am bored with all of my current projects but feeling to guilty to start something new. (So far I have had exactly zero inspiration to knit any gifts this year.) I have had an urge to get my sewing machine out lately, so I might stop and buy some fabric on my way home. I’ve had visions of holiday place mats and cloth napkins, as well as some easy fabric gift bags.

Wednesday, November 26

Dear Internet,

Best Buy/Geek Squad effectively lost my laptop. Yes, really. I had been checking the status updates for my service order online for the last three weeks, and things started to look strange yesterday.

After spending an unproductive hour on the phone with the Geek Squad 800 number, we went to Best Buy where we dropped it off and the manager (who seemed as confused by the situation as we were) tried to sort it out. There wasn’t much he could do except update my service request with a statement that basically said “where is this computer?”

But it gets worse. Before it was ‘misplaced’, the system board had been replaced without my permission. They were supposed to contact me with a diagnosis before doing any repair work and did not. I would not have authorized this repair. I am not going to replace a part for half the cost of a brand new computer, when there is a decent chance the part will fail again.

And now I have a bill well over $300 for something I did not want. There is no chance in hell that I’m paying it. (But I really just want my computer back...)

To say I am angry is the understatement of the century.

Yarn and chocolate…. I need yarn and chocolate.

Thanks for listening, Internet.

Friday, November 21

Still (!) Computerless

...and starting to get antsy.

For the first few days without my laptop it was almost refreshing not to have it available to check the internet for every mundane little question/pointless trivia factoid that popped into my head.

Now that I am approaching my second weekend without it, all I can think of are things I need it for. My iTunes! I want to update my pod. My photos! I can't get my camera's memory card to work in any other computer (a problem in itself...) and really would like to upload some photos. Thanksgiving recipes, Christmas decoration ideas, holiday projects... Woe is me.

I looked closely at my service ticket for a problem diagnosis from Best Buy (Geek Squad), and realized it listed estimated completion date at Dec. 12th! I suppose that is 4 weeks from when I dropped it off, which is the estimate they gave me at the store, but the ticket is just for the diagnosis! I really thought he meant completely fixed and back to me in 4 weeks, not just diagnosed in 4 weeks. Whhiiiineee whinee whiiiiine.

So, in a effort not to forget anything, here is my running list of things I have completed or started since my computer died that I will have to blog about w/photos at a later date:

1) Finished my Woolly Wormhead mystery beret
2) Started and finished super bulky knee socks to wear to bed.
3) Started a scarf for my husband (too late, since it is already wicked cold and windy here)

Other things, which could possibly be done without photos, if I get a little computer time at work at then end of the day:
1) My annual holiday gift idea list
2) Thanksgiving recipes ideas
3) update my projects in progress, with photos already in flickr

...I'll add more as I think of them.

Thursday, November 13

(Amost) Computerless

A few nights ago, I almost died. I pressed the button to turn my HP notebook on and the lights came on, the DVD drive spun up, and …. nothing else. The screen was black and (I think) the hard drive didn’t spin up.

AHHHHHH….. my data! My infrequently backed up data! (Lesson learned.)

So I’ve shipped it out to be diagnosed and hopefully fixed. I have my fingers crossed that it is something small and inexpensive like a loose screen connection (not likely) instead of something very expensive like a fried motherboard (much more likely). Such a tough call – how much does it have to cost to fix before replacing it is a better option? Of course, it’s not like I really have the money to do either right now.

However it turns out, all I really want back is my data. Best Buy (Geek Squad) will recover and burn my hard drive for $160 if the computer is not salvageable, or my hubby thinks he knows how to do it himself. That makes me feel a little better.

It could take up to four weeks to get it back. I have my computer I work, which I am using now, plus the wifi on my iPod Touch so it’s not like I’m disconnected from the online world totally. But it’s not my little laptop. Plus, someone else is going to be touching it and seeing all my stuff.

Not that there is anything people shouldn't see, but still. I have issues with people touching my stuff. You understand right?

Sunday, November 9

Finished: Cottage Socks

I have wanted a pair of thick, tall socks to wear to bed for a few years now. I had this yarn (Wool-Ease Thick and Quick) with a pattern from Lion Brand on the label and decided it was time to whip up a pair.

I made the ribbing extra long, since I am tall and wanted them to come up over my knees. They are so warm and comfy - even more than I expected.

But yeah, knitting with super bulky yarn on size 11 dpns? Not fun. Quick, but not really fun. Especially trying to turn the heel!

Pattern: Cottage Slipper Socks from Lion Brand (on Ravelry)
(You can find the pattern free on Lion Brand's website - but you need to register an account to see it.)
Yarn: Wool-Ease Thick and Quick Charcoal (less than two balls) and Natural (less than a half a ball)
Needles: Skacel size 11 US plastic dpns

Tuesday, November 4


Today is election day in the U.S. (If you didn't know that, can I have directions to your cave in case things don't turn out well?) Make sure you vote!


Monday, November 3

A Little More Halloween.

Halloween felted bowl

This candy dish was a failed felted pumpkin from a few years ago (I don’t think I ever blogged about it). Instead of tossing it like most sane people would do, I stuffed it in the back of a closet and carried it through two moves without any idea what to do with it.

I came across it earlier in October and realized that with a little trimming and my fledgling needle felting skillz I could turn it into something for Halloween.

Halloween felted bowl

Not bad. I’m glad I kept it. =)