Saturday, May 29

Where'd My Links Go?

So I noticed a while ago that Wordpress seems to have eaten my blogroll links. Not only are they not showing up on my site, they are no longer stored online. Shoot. I have no idea exactly how long they've been gone, but I feel very out of touch with the blogging world. My memory is such that I remember that I used to follow a bunch of knitting and other blogs, but I don't remember which ones. I know Ravelry has somewhat killed the knitblogging community, but I also know lots of you are still out there!

I'd love to build up my list again, as well as find new blogs to read, so if you'd like leave a link to your site or some of your favorites in the comments below, I'd appreciate it. =)

Thursday, May 27

Making Yarn.

During the last few weeks I have had an irresistible urge to spin some yarn. I haven't done any spinning in a while, since last year, since I have been working on other projects and didn't want to "drag" my wheel out into the middle of them. (Incidentally, this is also why I have a huge pile of sewing projects waiting in my closet on top of my sewing machine case.)

But my desire to spin won out over my desire not to feel buried in things to do and my wheel has been in the living room ever since. My hubby could care less, as long at it not blocking the TV. I've spun two braids of fiber so far*:

This Spunky Eclectic Club Fiber, which is a gorgeous naturally dark BFL with some rich colors added:

"Myrtle" fingeringweight singles
singles on the bobbin
a singles yarn, about DK weight, about 350 yards I think

and this Montadale wool fiber from Esther's Place and the Illinois Wool Co-Op:

"Petunias and Pansies"
Yarn being spun
two ply, heavy worsted weight, not sure on yardage yet

I really loved spinning the Montadale fiber. It seems to be kind of a rare find and I think I am going to have to go back to Esther's Place to find more. I have some ideas of what I want to spin next both in regards to fibers and styles of spinning. I want to try a three-ply sock weight yarn, a two-ply lace weight yarn, and a bulky singles yarn. "Try" being the operative word in there, since nothing I've ever spun has really turned out as I planned yet. Still need more practice!!

I've also been plugging away on Dad's Christmas Sweater. I am almost to the second and final set of neck shaping short rows. It it going sooo muuuuuch slooower the second time around. I think I finished the entire yoke in the three days before Christmas. Of course, that's probably why it look so much better this time around!

And a little hint: if you are knitting a garment for someone as a surprise and you know that you are going to have to rip it out to get the fitting right, do not weave in all of your ends, especially the kitchener under the arms, to the very best of your ability. It will take forever to find and pick them out. I know this from experience.

*Sorry for the lousy blurry, flashy photos. We haven't had much sun lately, and I never remember to take photos while it's out.

Tuesday, May 4


Is everyone else as happy as I am that spring has finally hit the midwest? We have even had a number of 80°F days already, although I could do without those.

Despite the warm weather we had a frost just last week and I haven't planted any in my gardens yet. I am going to scale is back slightly from last year since the main garden doesn't get enough direct sunlight during the day to make some of the plants happy. We are either going to put in a raised bed or add new soil since I'm sure the poor soil quality played a role in the stunted plant growth. It was all just an experiment last year! This year, I think I am going to stick to the basics: a few varieties of tomatoes and peppers, cucumbers, maybe an eggplant and a pumpkin or squash.

I received the new issue of Interview Knits in the mail yesterday, and there are a number of patterns I would like to make. It may be enough of a spark to get me knitting regularly again. I started to think about all of the yarn/pattern combos I have in my stash and how much I really would like to wear them. I think that proves that I'm a "product" knitter! I've never been sure before now.

I am busy tonight and tomorrow, but starting Thursday I am going to settle myself on the couch and knit all night. I really should start by finished my Dad's sweater...