Friday, September 30

Found the camera charger!

So I was finally able to take a photo of my new project in progress, the Liesel scarf:

The pattern is available here.

It is a 10 row repeat that is "easy to memorize", according the the directions. Hmmm... well, maybe I am slow or something, but I have an idea of what is coming next but there is no way I could keep knitting without the chart in front of me!

The yarn I am using is totally different from anything I have tried before. I suppose it could be classified as a borderline novelty yarn; it's called Riso, by Lana Grosse. It was a birthday gift from my parents and I've had it for a few years now waiting for the perfect pattern. I tried to find it for sale online but couldn't, so maybe it is not made anymore. Here is a (kinda crappy) close-up so you can see the structure of the yarn:

it is 50% cotton and 50% acrylic

I also really really want to thank everyone that left me nice comments on my cross stitch and sewing. I know I should answer/comment more in return, but never feel like I bring anything interesting into the conversation. But I do appreciate it, even if I don't respond!

Sunday, September 25

One more project complete

I finished another non-knitting project last week. It is a counted cross stitch that I started in July of 2004. I have such a love-hate relationship with cross stitch. I love looking at the kits and patterns and love the finish product. I even think I'll love working on it. But when I am in the middle of one it starts to drag on and on... This is actually the first time since high school that I have attempted a cross stitch project. I probably never would have picked it up again but I visited a friend out of town last summer and saw all her beautiful framed work I had to give it a try again myself.

(it is about 4.5" square)

I do have a few more kits purchased while I was still enamored with the craft last summer, so I will probably work on those eventually.

Knitting: (Yay!)

I have to say I have missed knitting while I was finishing up these old projects. I've started a shrug and a lace scarf - more on those soon. I need to find my digital camera battery charger before I can post on them. Blog post with no photos=boring!

Sunday, September 11

Sewing Sunday

I have been wanting to work on some sewing projects for a while now. I finished two things this Sunday, a needle roll and a knitting tools case.

the tool case closed

and opened, with a few of my gadgets inside

I am totally in love with the tool case. It has 11 pockets total; some open and some zippered. I kind of made it up on the fly, which is impressive considering my meager sewing skills. Yay me! I just wish I could sew more often, but it kind of takes over the entire kitchen when I get my machine out. And makes a huge mess. (But just about everything I do does that...)

By the way:

If anyone is interested in a very nice, brand new, men's Harley-Davidson denim jacket, click the link!

Tuesday, September 6

What is the best way to start the football season?

With new socks, of course!

(Oh, and a 56-0 win against Ball State at the home opener.)

I am going to be taking a small break from knitting, to finish up a bunch of projects I have going in other crafty areas. These areas include cross stitch, crochet, and sewing. And maybe a few others. And I probably should do some laundry. And some cleaning. (I think I have too many hobbies...) But I still will be posting photos here of course.

But seriously, I will feel a lot better about starting a new knitting project knowing that there is not a pile of other things waiting to be finished. I'm sure you can relate.

Saturday, September 3

Is is sweater weather yet?

Actually, the answer is no, as demonstrated by the soccer shorts and t-shirt under my new sweater:

Top-Down Raglan construction - no real pattern used.
Debbie Bliss Merino Aran yarn purchased (on sale!) from the Creative Corner in Des Moines last summer.

It turned out a little bigger than I had planned, especially in the neck area. But it is very comfy, and I'm sure I'll wear it a lot around the apartment this winter!

I learned a few things for when I try my next top down sweater. I was increasing every other row for the raglan sleeves, but by the time I got to the underarm depth I wanted, the body was too wide. I think I will try increasing every row next time, and see what happens.

Other news:
We finally got our wedding photo proofs! Now the is the big project of designing the album. Then waiting 4 months to get it! =(

Other Other news:
I don't want to get into what is being rehashed over and over elsewhere, but I just wanted to say that the (lack of) government response to the hurricane victims is another tally on the growing list of "Why I am ashamed to be an American".