Saturday, August 28

Hi (cough, sniffle) there.

OK everyone, sorry for the lack of updates. I did finally get my interent working at home, and am trying out a new brower, Opera.

I haven't unpacked a bunch of stuff from my field class yet, namely my digital camera and card reader. So no photos yet but I do have a few things to show you so please hang in there!!

A bunch of stuff as been going on at work (getting a promotion) and school (thinking of applying to a grad program) and on top of it all, I've been feeling really horrible for the last week. People have been teasing me that I might have West Nile Virus, since the area I was working in has a high precentage of human cases. I don't find this funny at all =( If I don't start feeling better soon, I think I might have to (gak!) go to the doctor.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Wednesday, August 18


Alright, so somehow while I was out of town for 4 weeks my computer managed to break itself. Really surprising, considering it was off that entire time and working fine when I left.

I mentioned that my internet was not working. I called (or more accurately, Steve called since I hate dealing with these things) Mediacom and I need to register my IP address or something like that. They say I should be able to get online to do it, but Internet Explorer had different ideas. It got itself all messed up somehow, and needs to be uninstalled and then reinstalled.

All this really isn't a big deal... Except... how did it happen???


BUT Steve is now out of town for 5 days, and who knows if I can figure it out on my own. I'd hate to do something wrong and make the situation worse!

Knitting content:

If it quits raining before I leave work, I am going to stop at a store and pick up some double pointed needles to finish the hat I started a few weeks ago. If that happens, and if my computer can heal itself, I'll post a photo of it soon. I'd do it from here.. but don't quite think it would fall under the "appropriate business use" category. Then again, I'm not sure typing this does either! :-)

Tuesday, August 17

Back at home

Whew. It has been a long four weeks! Although the time did go by quickly. It is good to be home. I think? Well.. not yet.. but maybe once I get back into some sort of routine!

I worked on two projects over the last few weeks, a simple ribbed hat and a cross stitch sampler. The hat is not finished since I couldn't find double pointed needles in the Walmart (i.e. the only store around) where I was. I picked up the cross stitch to try again, since I haven't done any in years. I like it more than I remember so I think I might do another project after I finish this one.

unfortunately, my internet at home is not working for some unknown reason. (Cable TV works, and the internet works on Steve's computer but not mine. Pout.) Once I get that up and running I will post photos of both the hat and the cross stitch project.

Yay! I am excited to get back into blogging. Hopefully I will have time to work on some interesting projects to write about!

Sunday, August 1

Today's my birthday!

Hi everyone! I am having a great time here in Northwest Iowa for my soils field class. I have done so many interesting things... such as working at an archeological dig site and learning how to sample the sediments at the bottom of the lake.

PLUS, today is my birthday so that just makes it more fun! (That would be number 24 for anyone who is counting.)

It is so beautiful here; I wish I had a photo I could show you, but I don't have my disk with me in my computer lab right now. Maybe I can put one up in the next few days.

Knitting content:
Um, yeah. Sorry. None. (grin.)