Tuesday, April 14

Husbands v. Yarn

This is something I have a feeling I should just let lie, but it has left me scratching my head for so long that I can't ignore it anymore.

You can find "flash your stash" photos on various forums online, including Ravelry, Knitter's Review, and even the old Knitlist where people show off their yarn and storage solutions. In these threads, and indeed in topics discussing yarn purchases, a surprising percentage of women respond in the following ways:

1) I can't take all my yarn out to photograph, my DH might see it!
2) I'm in trouble if DH ever finds the yarn I've hidden/sees the credit card statement/etc.
3) DH says yarn/knitting stuff has to fit in "X" space, or else I have too much.

Ignoring for a moment how nauseating I find the term "DH", I don't understand how that many women can be in a relationship where they have to hide or limit something they love because of what their husband thinks of it. I know everyone's situation is different but jerk is the first word that comes to mind every time I read that. I mean, sometimes my husband rolls his eyes jokingly when I have been blathering on about yarn for an entire evening but we both think it's funny.

What is wrong with having a hobby? Is is because knitting, yarn, and crafts are seen as a waste of time by some? Should you not be able to do whatever you please with your disposable income? If you don't have the disposable income at the moment and are spending grocery money on yarn you then have to hide, well, maybe you should take a moment to yourself and think about that. I also feel this applies to yarn taking over the entire house, or your hubby not having any money left for his own interests.

Now I'm sure some of these women are exaggerating. Can every single time I've read something like this be an exaggeration?

For the record, I limit my own stash much more than my husband ever would dream of. While I was packing up my craft area to move last week he looked at the pile of bagged yarn and said "This is all your yarn? Why don't you have more?".

I actually think I have a ton, and feel a little claustrophobic from all of the unfinished (and un-started) projects. He doesn't understand why I stop myself from buying something new because I already have yarn. I guess I'm lucky - but then, I never would have married someone who didn't respect what I did with my own time and money!

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Libby said...

Amen. (1) Hate the term DH. Hate it. (2) I have too much yarn. It makes me seriously claustrophobic/ guilty. However, my husband, while making the occasional joke about how long it would take me to knit it all, really doesn't care or judge. Of course, it helps that his hobby of choice (water skiing) is substantially more exensive than knitting.