Friday, June 24

I'm sure you will forgive me for not posting

...when you hear that my wedding is in two days (June 26th).

Here are a few shots of a few things that have kept me busy these last weeks. The guestbook is a little different. "Scrapbook-style" is the best way to describe it I think. Each couple/group/family has a designated page to sign and the photographer has a matching list of groups to photograph, so the pictures can be added in later. I am pleased at the final result, and hope it works well.

One of the favors I have are these little heart tins with pink and silver M&Ms. I don't think you can read them here, but half read "Sarah and Steve" and the other half reads "June 26, 2005". Pretty snazzy, eh?

Oh yeah, I finished my Opal socks last week. See, I do still knit. I received this skein as a drawing prize from the Opal Chatters yahoo group. Yay me!

(OK, so there are still needles in the toe of one. It needs grafting and I do not have the patience for it now!)