Monday, January 4

How to Minimize Curling of your Malabrigo Waffles Scarf

I’ve received a few questions on how to stop the Malabrigo Waffles scarf from curling. Since it is a stockinette based pattern, the edges do want to curl in as you are knitting and wearing.

Blocking is the key here. I’ll explain my favorite way of blocking below, but your preferred method should work just as well.

To block, I use the “steam shot” button on my iron. Find a long heat and water resistant surface, like your bathroom floor covered in towels. Lay the scarf out and flatten as much as possible by hand. If you like, pin the edges out flat. Pass the iron slowing over the surface, hitting the steam shot button repeatedly as you go. Do not touch the iron directly to the scarf. I typically don’t pin the scarf down, but use my hand to flatten and smooth as I go. Be careful not to pull it so straight that you lose the waffle texture.
Allow the scarf to dry and cool before moving.

While it is impossible to completely prevent curling, this tames the curl to a manageable (and for me, comfortable) level while wearing.

Friday, January 1

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Once again I find myself woefully behind in my online life. I guess that's a good thing - it means real life is going well.

I hope everyone who celebrates had a wonderful Christmas with their families. We had our last family party today, and I am a little sad that it's over. The house always looks so empty when all of the decorations are pack up until next year.

Good news! I finished all (both) of my gift projects on time. The big one that I have been keeping secret since September is a Cobblestone Pullover for my Dad. For the record, finished on time means that I was sewing in the ends and steam blocking on my old bedroom floor at my parents house at 11pm Christmas eve, cursing how loud the steam shot was on my Mom's iron and waiting for my Dad to knock on the door and ask what that weird noise was.

I forgot to take photos, but will definitely get some when I see them for New Year's Eve.

I'm looking forward to my knitting routine returning to normal, and hope to have more to post again soon. I have been thinking a lot about this blog lately and the purpose of it. Really, I do it for myself. I must - I'm not sure anyone ever reads this anymore. I realized I started my first "Yarn Dreams" blog in 2003. Almost 7 years ago!! Is that possible?

(If you are reading this - leave a comment? Or send me a quick email? I'm such a terrible lurker myself, but I would love to know if anyone is still out there.)

Anyway, until next year, here is a scan of the front of the Christmas cards I made:

[caption id="attachment_328" align="aligncenter" width="210" caption="Card front"]Card front[/caption]

Take care, and see you in 2010.