Tuesday, November 22

On a Lighter Note

I have a confession.   An embarrassing, yet amusing, confession.

First, a little backstory.    I love to read.  Classics, non-fiction, fiction, technical manuals, medical journals, anything.   I have a very low tolerance for anything cheesy, shallow, or ridiculous.


 Last week, I checked all four Twilight saga books out of the library.  I told myself I was tired of hearing references that I didn't understand.

 I read them.   I ....liked.... them.   I want more.   I've had the story swirling around in my head since I finished.

My husband is shocked and confounded by this.

I really have no explanation. But I think I need to buy them.

Friday, November 4

What Matters Most

It's so easy to spend your days looking forward to the weekend, or two weeks from now, or Christmas.   I am guilty of spending nearly every day planning the next.    I've been working on it but it's hard to change, especially since my job requires me to plan and prep for the week ahead.

Life has a tendency to sneak up behind you and smack you in the face while you are enjoying making those plans for two months from now.

I've had this blog for... 9 years now.  I used to write a lot more personal things but decided at one point to keep it strictly to knitting.    I need to suspend that policy for a while, since I could really use a place to dump my thoughts.

We found out in August that my Dad had some sort of suspicious "something" in his bladder.   That turned into minor surgery, which turned into bad news - bladder cancer - and then more bad news around every corner.   Even the doctors seem surprised at how advanced it is, since he is relatively young for this a doesn't have any of the "risk factors".

Last week he made it through a 10 hour surgery with flying colors.  The news was not what we wanted to hear, but I was just so thankful to see him again after that I didn't really care.  Now that he is home, reality has started to set in and I am scared.

I know with all my heart I need to think positive thoughts, but what in the world would I do without my Dad? We can't lose him yet.  As his surgeon said, he's young and healthy (besides this), has a lot of people supporting him, and an overwhelming desire to beat this thing.  And that matters more than percentages.