Wednesday, March 31

...or is it a galaxy?

Actually, it's the moon, taken around 9:00pm outside of my apartment building. I used the digital zoom and "nightshot" feature on my rockin' Olympus All-Weather Digital Camera.

I wore my Regia 6-ply socks (finished in December) to bed last night because it was sooo chilly and I had already switched to spring blankets. (The 60 degree days we had fooled me.) I couldn't believe how soft they were! I literally layed there and wiggled my toes in happiness =) This is the first time I had worn them after being washed. Luckily, its chilly again tonight!

Saturday, March 27

A Diversion...

I came across this fun little java-script game while drooling over the pattern for Rogue this evening. Very addicting! the girl from auntie: diversions

note: I LOVE Rogue. I am going to (eventually) get the pattern - as soon as I can figure out a good yarn to use for it! Love to use Cascade 220, but I think an all-wool sweater would be too warm for me to wear. Seeing how I have never been able to stand one in the past...

Friday, March 26

A few more photos

Here are a couple of photos leftover from last weekend. The first one was taken with my camera on the dashboard of my car as I was driving west back on Iowa Sunday evening. You can see what I was battling with the entire time... I'm surprised I'm not blind after four hours of that!

While I was home I got to see Maggie; now you can see her too in a rare non-stabby* moment.

I have worked on my toe-up-two-socks-on-two-circs project a little more. Its It is awkward to work with the two balls of yarn constantly getting tangled together and so much on the needles besides the little section I am knitting at that moment. BUT there is something to be said about socks that fit the we'll see!

*stabbiness come in the form of claws and teeth

Thursday, March 25

Fun Stuff

Last weekend, I went to visit my parents for a mini-vacation. My mom and I went to three different yarn shops around the Chicago area, and picked out some Fun Stuff:

a little sock yarn (blues are for her; tweed and "ocean" colors are for me)

some Cotton Fleece for the Monk's Satchel (from Folk Bags)

lots of glittery, fluffy novelty yarn - 5 scarves worth for her coworkers.

Oh yeah and some Chinchilla, which is well on its way to becoming a scarf for me! (Shown with the jean jacket it is intended to be worn with.)

We all went to see the IMAX NASCAR 3D movie on Saturday. That was some serious Fun Stuff. =) I recommend it to anyone - current racing fan or not. After the movie, we ate at Joe's Crab Shack. Yum. I wanna go back already!

Wednesday, March 17

Busy, but not much to show for it!

I've been so busy with everything lately, but feel like I'm not getting anywhere on anything! Don't you hate that?

We got a freak snowstorm the day before yesterday. Almost 6" in one day. A "last hurrah" for winter I hope! I'm so ready for spring. Here is a photo taken from my back porch about halfway through the storm.

note: the barn is not mine, it just happens to be right behind my apartment building!

I have not worked on either the second Ironstone sock or Tasha bag lately. The two toe-up socks are finally progressing at a faster rate, so I think I am going to finish them together. (I was contemplating removing one from the circs and finishing them individually!) I really want them to turn out the same shaping-wise, since other socks I have made each fit differently than their mate.

This is Ironstone sock/Linear Lace #1

One quick project that I finished and don't think I ever mentioned here was a washcloth for Steve. He requested one, (non-girly) and I came up with this:

I just took the pattern for basketweave stitch, cast on enough stitches for a few repeats, and knit away. I really love the basketweave pattern. It looks so complicated but is fairly easy to do. I'm sure I have a few knits and purls in the wrong place, but they hide well in the pattern ;-) You can see the pen for scale - it turned out huge! Believe it or not, this took less than 1 ball of sugar 'n cream. A good reference for future washcloths - I am always making them small since I think I will not have enough yarn in a ball to finish!

Sunday, March 14


I'm still here. Really I am. Just have been tooo busy lately. A few nights in a row I didn't even turn on my computer after work. (Shocker!) Going to get back to posting daily.

I have been doing a little knitting. I finished the first Linear Lace sock, and have started on the cuff of the second. I have also made slightly noticeable progress on the two socks/two circs. Haven't worked on the Tasha bag handle lately, but did (blush) start a new project - a simple ribbed hat to match my Silk Garden scarf, since I had one skein left after finishing.

I have also been rearranging/cleaning out stuff in my bedroom and the apartment in general. All my knitting books, mags and tools are now neatly on a shelf. I wish I could say the same for the yarn, but that's phase 2 =)

I PROMISE I will be back tomorrow and have pics to share!

I feel very disconnected with blog-land. Anything interesting going on??