Wednesday, May 24

Liesel Scarf

It’s finally finished! This is a project that seemed to drag on and on. Not that I don’t recommend the pattern (here’s a link to the free pdf), but it required a little more concentration than I had available to give lately. I never did memorize the lace pattern, but that might just be because I didn’t try to memorize it, you know? I didn’t do a row without looking although I could guess what was coming up next. Here is a photo of the scarf blocking on my living room floor:

So the ends still need to be sewn in – I still call it finished!

Here’s a close-up:

The yarn is Lana Grossa Riso which my parents purchased for me on a trip to Texas a few years ago. (They actually looked up “yarn store” in the phone book while on vacation, and went to one specifically to find me some unusual yarn for a birthday present. How cool is that?!) I don't think this yarn is produced anymore, since my search didn't turn up any good links.

Monday, May 15

Lots of Photos

I have some knitting to show! Amazing right? I have been working on a pair of socks for my Mom, and actually finished them before Mother's Day. Now that is even more amazing.

Opal Brazil

I think I am going to finish my Liesel scarf from about a year ago before I start a new project. Which, I might add, won't be more socks! I need a break from size 0 needles.

Below are some photos of our new apartment. You will see a shot of the love of my life, a washer and dryer of my very own! Seriously, you have no idea how much this improves my quality of life. And saves me quarters!

I still like my new job a lot. Mom and Dad sent me "congratulations" flowers.

I love the vase! Definitely a nice (needed) splash of color in an otherwise neutral apartment. I can't wait to have the time/money to decorate more.

Oh, also on the plus side, I found a different route to and from work which cuts the commute down to 45 min. Woo Hoo!

Wednesday, May 3

Tired, but happy.

I haven't had much time online is the last few weeks to do much besides check email. Moving was an adventure and a half, but I'll explain that more later when my brain is a little more "fresh".

But the new apartment is great and my new job is great. The only not great thing is the commute - which is due to traffic. I only live 16 miles from work, but everyone is traveling in the same direction as me to get to work at 8:00am. So that 16 miles takes me about an hour. Yesterday it was an hour and 10 minutes. Blah. But that's OK, I'll deal.

I should have time this weekend to write more. Until then, happy knitting!