Thursday, August 25

a little love for the Hawkeyes

In honor of my family's favorite fall activity, I am making a pair of Hawkeye football socks:

(Regia Nation 5391)

Well, not quite a pair yet... but I am working on the second one now.

I did an afterthought heel for the first time on this sock, and I am happy with the way it turned out. The stripe pattern looks so much better than it would have with another heel type and it fits good too!

(Oh yeah, and the best thing about knitting socks? You can wear colors/patterns that you might not normally wear on a sweater since other people can't see them in your shoes! ;-)

Thursday, August 18

More bunny fun.*

*Obviously, I am lacking in the title creativity department tonight.

I was finally able to felt/full my Fiber Trends bunny at my parents house two weekends ago. I am pleased with how he turned out, but next time I have to be more careful when sewing the seams. I thought they would disappear a little more after the felting than they did. (Oh, and the right foot was sewn on a little crooked, but I was able to twist it around enough to look normal!)

and even with my less than professional embroidery skills, he has a cute face:

I have been keeping busy around here. I think we are kind of realizing that summer is winding down. A few weekends ago Steve and I went to St. Louis to see a NASCAR Busch series race, and two weekends ago my parents and I went to Indy to see the Brickyard 400 and tailgate. Loads of fun!! I can't believe that everything I was looking forward to this summer is oooooverrr. (whine.)

Steve and I are going to the Iowa State Fair on Saturday. Yumm... Fair food. Dangerous!

Thursday, August 4

Surf's up


Regia Cotton Surf from Carodan Wool Shop
size 0 dpns
"eclectic" heel
short row toe

I think these are the best fitting socks I have made so far. The yarn is very soft; softer than other cotton blend sock yarns I have felt. I can't wait until it is cool enough to actually wear these! Mark this yarn down for one I will definitly use again...

Monday, August 1

Happy Birthday to me.

Yeah, it is that day again. I have been asked numerous times if I feel any older, and not surprisingly, I don't. But Steve was kind enough to point out that I am now closer to 30 than 20. D'oh! I can't be angry at him for that comment though, since he got me some cool gifts.

Those Opal sock yarns are from the new Rainforest collection. He even remembered the specific colors I mentioned when I first saw a photo of the set. From left to right: fish, owl, ladybug. How sweet is that? I guess I don't have to feel guilty about how much sock yarn I have if he is supporting my habit! =)

The DVDs are the first two seasons of a funny yet obscure cartoon called "Home Movies" from Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network. I have been wanting these for a while too!

Oh, and I did finish the second Cotton Surf sock. Photos coming soon.