Thursday, November 27

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone in the U.S. has a great Thanksgiving.
:::scratch here for pumpkin pie scent:::

I had a great Thanksgiving at Omi and Papa's house. Ate some yummy turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and my personal holiday favorite, can-shaped cranberry sauce.

Here is Maggie demonstrating how I am spending my break:

Tuesday, November 25

Feelin' Better

This is Thanksgiving Break week. (For the first time, the univeristy gave us the entire week off. Very nice!) I'm feeling better, having finally gotten (mostly) rid of my headachey issues. This was accomplished by sleeping most of the weekend!

I've got my archives working. Yay! Blogger didn't get the best of me this time. Hopefully all the links work. Let me know if you run across one that doesn't.

I also added two squares to my afghan squares project, ordered the yarn for Surprise #2, and got the yarn for (the new) surprise #3.

Speaking of yarn, Hobby Lobby had a great sale the other week I just couldn't resist. I got these Bernat Hot Sox yarns for $1.66 each.

Yes, you read that right. WooHoo!

Now, I haven't tried using any of it yet, but it is really soft and the colors are brighter than they appear in the pic so I think I will like them.

I'm going home to my parents house tomorrow evening after work. I'm looking forward to a few responsibility free days! My mom and I are going to do some good cooking/crafty type stuff and my Dad and I are going to.... well, sit around and make jokes. Like usual :-)

Thursday, November 20

Work needs to be done

I need to work on my website - namely the gallery area and archives. Hopefully, since I have next week off school, I should be able to get this done soon! Yay!

Too tired to do/write/post anything interesting...

But I'll have something new for you tomorrow!

Monday, November 17

Victory Celebration:

Bobby Labonte won the last race of the season last Sunday.
(woo hoo!)

I've got a ton of work to do for school during the next few days. Hopefully I'll be able to get back to my regularly scheduled knitblog soon!

Sunday, November 9

New Goodies!

Lookie at what I got in the mail from Monica in Australia:

That's beeeeautiful handspun yarn and nifty koala-ish buttons. I love it all! Thanks so much Monica!

I have a love/hate relationship...

...with seed stitch. I started on my Silk Garden scarf, which is entirely in seed stitch. I love how it looks but haaaate doing it. So slow! Maybe there is a better technique than I use that speeds it up a little, but I don't know. It's progressing extremely slowly. Not that I had any false hopes of what I was getting into, but if I can get myself to finish 4 rows a night its a big thing. Oh well, it does look good. I'll try to put a pic up soon to get some encouragement to keep on working!

Thursday, November 6

Workin' on stuff and a happy story

I wanted to try and make a little sock for my new bear (see post below). This is what I came up with tonight:

It's a little too small - I'll try again tomorrow starting with 20 stitches instead of 18.

I've got a great story to tell! The other night I had all my beading stuff out on the coffee table working on some stitch markers. My boyfriend sat next to me the entire time watching; I really didn't think anything of it. So the next day we meet for class around 1:00 and he pulls these out of his pocket:

He went to the store, bought some new beads and made them for me that morning! Isn't that just the coolest thing in the world? You have no idea how surprised I was... (I think they are even cooler than any I have made!)

Sunday, November 2

Busy busy...

First off, I found this on a random (non-knitting) blog today. I don't remember which, so I can't give you the link - sorry. "You know you're a child of the 80's when..." Come on. You know you want to click it... Is is sad that I can agree with every single statement??

I finished the second sock yarn mitten. No pic of it yet, but it looks just like the first if you're curious.

I also finished the Fat Hat! I love it. It turned out just a little big (and it checked my gauge! I swear!) but works if I turn up the ribbing for a brim.

I have been talking about wanted to get a little bear to make sweaters for. So last weekend my parents found me this bear, who is just perfect:

You can't really tell from the picture, but he is about 9" tall. Watch for little bear sweaters in the future :-)