Wednesday, October 5

Day 5: Mirror

Three reflections:  me in the rear view mirror, me in the window, me in the window reflected in the mirror.

Day 4: Stairs

This is looking from the top floor down to the bottom in our house.  I love the wooden handrails, but like everything else here they need a little TLC.

Monday, October 3

Squares. Lots of Them.

For years now I have wanted to make my own knit blanket for couch lounging.   But the idea of knitting something that huge, buying that much identical yarn, and let's face it - getting tired of the pattern was more than I could bear to start.

Instead I've decided to pull out my rusty crochet skills and go for the Babette Blanket from Interweave Crochet Spring 2006.   The original pattern calls for Koigu (fingering weight) yarn and made a lap sized blanket.   This just wouldn't do.  Besides, a whole blanket out of fingering weight?  Ouch.

So after much browsing of finished blankets on Ravelry I chose to use Lion Brand Cotton-Ease. Washable, lightweight, and most importantly, comfy.   I am using one ball of virtually every color ever made.   It took months to collect them all.

Babette Blanket squares

So far, I am loving it.  Once I remembered how to change colors in crochet the squares have gone quickly.   I'm trying to sew in the ends as I go, and I have a system set up to keep track of the squares.  (More on that in another post.)

The only challenge besides finishing another, oh, 400 of these, is to learn how to neatly sew crochet together.Quite a feat, since I can't really sew anything neatly.

Day 3: Bubbles

This challenge required a little thought, mostly because the only bubbles I could think of are the bottles kids play with on summer days.  Not very October-ish.

My evening homemade faux latte came to the rescue. ( there anything it can't do?)

Saturday, October 1

October 1: Fall

Day one of the October photo challenge is Fall.   We recently pulled up our summer flower beds in front of our house and planted two new dwarf pine trees, mums, and ornamental kale.  We threw in a few pumpkins for good measure, since you can buy them everywhere already.   Mums and fall go hand in hand.

October Photo Challenge: Intro

I came across this photo challenge from Where the Blue Birds Nest on Pintrest and thought it would be fun to play along.   I always carry my camera but have gotten out of the habit of taking it out and using it.  Maybe the daily prompt will have me searching for things to shoot and seeing my surroundings again.

The Summer that Wasn't

I have realized the main problem with deciding to blog only knitting, not my personal life:  no posts.   Fairly obvious, I realize, but I might be suspending that rule a little since I do want to write.   I just don't want this blog to come across as one big dramatic sob story.

Because that it what it would be if I wrote about this summer.   My heart hurts and my head spins when I try to process everything. Steve and I are still here, as is our house and jobs.  Good things.  My mental health seems to have taken a beating though - challenging, because no one can tell from the outside.  I may write more in the future but for now if you have some positive energy to spare shoot a little our way, ok?

I am trying hard to get back into my relaxing evening routine of knitting, tea, cat, and I Love Lucy.   I have written up my annual Gift Knitting Countdown plus a bunch of other projects since we are working on a handmade Christmas this year.  (I know it's early.  I'll never get it all done otherwise!)  We here planning another Halloween blowout but it is probably going to have to wait until next year.

For maybe the first time I am really looking forward to fall.  I might even call it my favorite season.  We'll see how it treats us.   Apple picking tomorrow!  I can't wait to walk around and breathe in crisp, clean fall air.

Here's to happier times and lots of knitting ahead!