Sunday, August 31

I'm a genius

Well, thats definitly an overstatement but I did solve a major problem I was having with my new website layout. Barring any further delays, the new site should be up and running here by tomorrow night!

In racing news, Terry Labonte (Bobby's older brother), won the Southern 500 at Darlington today. Yes, we are happy for him! Bobby was 7th. At least he didn't wreck...

In knitting news, my Booja J bag is finished, except for the handles and felting. I love the colors so much! Beautiful...

As you can see in the pic, I am doing the i-cord handles with a knitting spool instead of dpns. (this spool is from my "Barbie knitting kit", when I was kid :-) It is going muuuch faster. I'll show you again when it is felted!

Saturday, August 30

Hawkeyes Win!

Today was the opening game for the Iowa Hawkeyes at Legendary Kinnick Stadium, against Miami of Ohio. After being last season's Big Ten conference champs, us season ticket holders were excited to get going. It was a great game!

On the walk to the stadium, we came across this all too ironic sign and my Dad had to take a picture:

Wednesday, August 27

Back to Class... Picture Day + Show and Tell

Classes started this week. Here is an example of what not to start Sunday night at 11:00pm:

(rearranging furniture that is... the pic is a little vague)

I finished the baby hat I was working on. I really like the way it turned out:

I have also been working on my Booja J felted bag: (there is more done now than in this pic; I'll post another that shows the color striping of the Kueryon well.)

Christmas in August!

Just look at all the cool little boxes UPS brought me:

They contain miniature room - type stuff from American Girl, who has it all 50% off. Yay! Here is a quick pic of some of the stuff...not really arranged yet but you get the idea!

And finally...

Here is a pic of my spiny-tailed lizard Mollie looking cute on her rock:

Saturday, August 23

lots of work...

I've been spending a LOT of time working on the layout to my new site. As in, until 3am every morning. yikes.

Hopefully, it will be up and running by next weekend at the latest. Woo Hoo!!!

I have been doing a little knitting on a baby hat, but no pic yet since all my efforts are going towards the new stuff.

Make sure you check back and see it... its gonna be rockin!

Tuesday, August 19

A better sock

I took apart the too-pointy heel on my toe up sock a few days ago and replaced it with a much better looking (and perfect fitting) one. Pretty good for my second heel ever I think! See for yourself:

I also have been making some little stitch markers, to use on my next pair of socks. (I need them for a pattern I have planned out.) They are shown over a size 0 needle. Cool huh?

I have made one larger one so far, fitting on at least a size 10 needle, to use with BoojaJ's felted bag pattern.

Sunday, August 17

shopping weekend!

I love shopping.

I got this book:

for $6.00 at an outlet mall today. Yay! It was the only knitting book they had, but I am going to be going back there sometime to check for more. I also got three pairs of shoes, a few tops, some new votive candles, and a GameCube game (Nascar Thunder 2003), and a few good restaurant meals thanks to my parents. (Hugs for both of you!)

I got called for jury duty for the first time ever. I'm actually kind of excited, because it is in the Daley Center downtown Chicago, but I can't go because of school (in Iowa). =( I'm probably the first person to be disappointed to miss out on jury duty!

Oh yeah, my mom brought me some size 13 (purple!) Lion Brand needles this weekend. I have at least 3 projects I want to start on that need them, and I can't find the Lion Brand ones around me. I really like the plastic compared to metal, but I wish they came in shorter lenghts!

Knitting news:
I re-did the heal on my toe up sock and it looks MUCH better. Not so pointy. I will have pics up for you to see hopefully tomorrow.
I was going to post a pattern for a dishcloth pattern I made up on vacation, but I didn't write it down as I was working on it, and now I can't remember what I did! It should be easy enough to follow the one that is finished to make another one and write the patter though. I'll try to do that sometime next week and have it posted! Cool huh?

Wednesday, August 13

work sucks

finally! some knitting! (and I deserved it!)

But just a little, since I promised myself no projects until my disaster area of an apartment was cleaned up. Its getting there, so I thought I could use a reward. I also had McDonald's for dinner. Ok, so that makes two rewards - but whos counting?

I did a little knitting on a cute little baby hat. Only a few rows, so not much to show yet but it should be done this week. I am using the "grow with me" pattern at Frugal Knitting Haus.

My adventure of the Day:

I called a shall-remain-nameless, but fairly good sized, company to place an order at work today. We've never ordered from them before, so we don't have an account or customer number. Not a big deal, I'll just pay with a credit card right? Wrong, apparently.

I went around in circles with a woman on the phone who was trying to look up our account (Me: "We don't have one." Her: "Just a minute, let me look in the computer." Me "You won't find it." Her "Sometimes the computer is just slow." etc.) for over five minutes. After not finding it (shocker) she told me I couldn't place an order without an account. She sounded totally serious - like I was trying to get away with something naughty.

Then, apparently because I didn't hang up after hearing this, she helpfully said "would you like to create an account?" Yeah. May I? So after giving all my shipping and billing info (and being stumped by the question "are you tax exempt in New Jersey?" I'm in Iowa, I don't have a clue...) I figured I was good to go, and gave her the catalog number I was ordering. Nope. Not gonna work. She told me that she would let "the department" know and they would create my new account. She would have to call me back when it was finished, an hour or two later, for me to place my order. Um what? Now, I've ordered things before and it seems to me that all you need to do is tell them your address, credit card number and what you want and everything is done. So technically it took my almost 15 minutes on the phone to accomplish nothing.

Oh, and they never did call back. My boss is finding a different company to purchase from.

Bizarre, ain't it?

and for your enjoyment, here is a picture from my too-short vacation:

Sunday, August 10

update and racing


(Thats a small update for those out of the loop)

I was up until 3:30 this morning working on some new graphics for my site. I can see it perfectly in my head but can't get them to come up right on the screen. Don't you hate that? Hopefully, something new will be up soon!

No new knitting at all. I've been working on cleaning up my disaster area of a bedroom and am not letting myself get anything out to work on until it is done. So there. =)

In other big news, I just finished watching the Watkins Glen Winston Cup race. So much fun! Yay! I'm such a big dork about NASCAR now I wish I had it on tape so I could watch it again!

Here is my current windows wallpaper - I think you girls will appreciate it as much as I do!

If you would like the full size version for yourself, its here under multimedia or something like that.

Saturday, August 9

More vacation? Please?

More vacation? Please?

Well, I've been back from vacation for five days including today, and have had to work every since one. :( Thats not as much fun as camping! I've got some great pics I am going to post eventually (hopefully tonight) and tell you all about my trip. For a quick summary: It was great!