Saturday, January 31

On a roll

I started the third ball of Silk Garden on my scarf today. No new photo though, because it looks the same - just larger. Hopefully I will be able to finish it this week!

I still haven't done any more on my new pair of socks besides the cast on. For some reason lately I have been wanted to finish projects before I start on something else. (Compared to the past when I would start five things a once...) I'm not really sure why, but it is kind of relaxing to know that there is not a bunch of stuff that needs to be finished!

I've started to work on remaking the gallery, but I think it will take a week or so at least to get all the changes I want online.

Wednesday, January 28

Only I...

could hurt myself bad enough to not be able to knit by walking. Really. On Monday night, I was walking from my kitchen into the living room, and hit my hand on the corner of the wall. Hard. I'm serious! I have no idea how. My thumb got pretty swollen and purple, and made an awful (painful) cracking noise whenever I tried to bend it. It's much better now, thanks.

This is the same thumb I slammed in a metal door a few years ago, and which still hurts from that on an almost daily basis. (Actually I think this is why it was so easily injured this time.)

Yes, I am a klutz.

Anyways, I have not been able to work on the denim diamonds socks yet, but did manage a few rows on my Silk Garden scarf tonight.

I took this photo of the snow on my car, which I thought looked pretty cool:

It would be cooler if I could get closer to the snowflake. (haha - cooler - I'm just hilarious....) I took this with the macro setting on my new Olympus All-Weather digital camera. I bet my 30 year old Canon with zoom macro lens could have gotten a better shot (especially with the black and white film that's in it), but it would not have appreciated the falling snow as much.

Sunday, January 25

Third time's a charm.

After taking it apart one more time since the last post, I finished Steve's hat.

It actually fits (shocker) and he likes it. Success.


I have finally decided that my next sock project is...

...Denim Diamonds by Carol Breitner. Click on the link to see a photo of the finished sock or get yourself a copy of the pattern. This was the November Kit from yahoogroup's Whenever sock of the month club.

It took me at least an hour tonight to do that cast on. I'm learning two new things with this sock: two at once on two circs (not written in the pattern, but I'm going to try it), and the Twisted German cast on. [If you are reading this: the "twisted German" is all yours now Dad...]

Thursday, January 22

New/Old hat

In honor of Alison's Rip Along, I am trying to resurrect a project from about (over?) a year ago:

It is (was going to be) a hat from Knitter's Winter 2002. If you are having trouble figuring out how all that is a hat, picture this: it's a reversible-double layer short-row-to-make a closed tube-with a provisional cast on kind of thing. If that helps at all. =) This was maybe my third project ever and my first attempt at both intarsia and short rows.

The hat was supposed to be a gift: Steve saw the magazine while I was browsing through it at B&N, and liked the hat. This was the first time he had shown any interest in my making something for him, so I was excited. We went to Hobby Lobby, where he picked out the yarn (Kool Wool) and colors. In my less-experienced knitting state, I was only slightly concerned with the gauge and thought this would do great.

Considering the glaring stripe error, the fact that is was taking forever, and the fact that it was going to end up about 3 inches thick when doubled, is it any wonder it got put away in a bottom drawer? As my first abandoned project, I have to admit it haunted me for a while. Nagging. Taunting me. But I got over it and moved on to other projects, ignoring it and hoping Steve would forget he was ever supposed to get a hat.

So this week in a fit of confidence, ignorance or boredom (maybe all three), I ripped it apart and re-wrote the pattern to suit my yarn and taste. I am now happy to work on it again. And Steve is happy he might actually get a hat.

As you can see, I did away with the second layer, but kept the striped band, and short row shaping. (You are actually looking at the inside of the hat in this photo - the band folds back so the stripes are correct on the outside. Get it?)

Monday, January 19

A gift for myself.

This package was waiting for me when I returned home from my mini-weekend-vacation today.

It's all from Knitpicks, one of my favorite online yarn stores. You can clearly see the book; the yarn is Disco (burnt orange, orange, plum and a silvery thread), and two 24" addi turbos size 1. I'm trying the size 1 needles for socks, since I got too many stitches per inch with size 0's and my tight knitting. So many in fact, that the fair-isle pattern in the yarn didn't work out! (See December archive for details.)

I have read through Lucy Neatby's book a little so far, and love what I have seen. I obviously haven't tried any of the patterns yet, but would recommend it simply for all the great advice on knitting socks. Also, what you can't tell from the picture is that the book is spiral bound, and has vertical full page color photos of the socks. Wonderful!

Non-knitting news:

Big CONGRATS to my Dad, who graduated with a M.A. this weekend!

I realized I failed to mention earlier that my Dad was the Illinois Technology Teacher of the Year in 2002-2003.
Go Dad!

Thursday, January 15

It's all about the pattern repeat. (plus safe winter driving!)

So I promised to show you how I messed up the pattern repeat on my Regia 6-ply socks, and why I could never get the pattern to match exactly. I hope you can cipher out my little drawing =)

So it was a pretty easy mistake to make, and I'm trying not to hate myself over it. Or take the whole thing apart. But I swear my next pair of socks WILL MATCH!! -vbg-

Other info on the socks:

I fudged the heel on the second one so it would match the first. There's a long piece of green yarn hanging inside that needs to be sewn in. These were done on size 2US dps (yes 6-ply; I've got very little tension apparently!), toe up. The color is called "Pinocchio", but I think it should be "finger painting".

Now the only way I haven't made socks is the Magic Loop, and two at once. (Unless you count top down too, but I don't understand how you make those fit right! Or make socks for someone but yourself. There are tons of people more talented than I that's for sure!) I can't decide what my next pair is going to be yet. Maybe two on two circs, or the November kit from Whenever.

Non-Knitting Content:
I though I'd share this link below for anyone who might need to drive long distances in bad weather (as I have to do tomorrow). It's from the Illinois DOT, and they update the map of highway road conditions as often as every 15 min. It's very helpful to make sure you have a safe drive. They'll tell you what road are clear, partly covered, or totally snow and ice covered. I'm sure other states have the same thing if you google for the state DOT.

Statewide Winter Road Conditions

Wednesday, January 14

Comment issues...

My comments seem to have disappeared... I'm not sure what happened, but everything looks OK on my end. Until I get it resolved, try and ignore the script error! (I've been thinking of getting rid of the tagboard 'cause my commenting host worked so well...glad I didn't!)

Figured out the problem and it most definitely is not on my end - "BlogSpeak is in the process of being acquired by HaloScan." So we'll hang in there and hopefully the comments will start working again soon, without me having to change the code! Has anyone used HaloScan? Are they decently reliable?

Tuesday, January 13

Warm, comfy, socks.

They're finished!

Its not the greatest photo in the world - 1) I just finished and its 10pm, so we've got indoor lighting with no flash, 2) Steve is out of town for the week and it is difficult to take a picture of your own feet, and 3) the reason I didn't use a flash is that this lamp-light photo shows the truest colors.

By the way, I figured out why the pattern wasn't matching right. The repeat is a lot longer than I thought originally - the part I started with was actually still part of the first section, not the repeat. I'll show you some photographic evidence tomorrow, when I can take a picture in the daylight.

Sunday, January 11

It's a bowl-sittin' kinda day

At least that is what Mollie thinks

I've been working on my Regia 6-ply socks today. I'm up to the gusset on the second sock. Since my last pair turned out almostbutnotquite identical, I've been trying really hard to get the pattern to match up. Doing well, until I hit a snag that seems out of my control:

see the issue?

The pattern seems to match everywhere except there. Has anyone else ever encountered this?

My Silk Garden scarf is coming along also:

This was all done at night in St. Petersburg. I wanna go back!

Thursday, January 8

Surprises Revealed -plus- 10,000!

Surprise #2:

Booga Bag for Mom

Noro Kureyon #90 and Black Cascade 220

Surprise #3:

Hat for Dad

Black Cascade 220 (picture has been lighted to show detail); pattern from Frugal Knitting Haus.

I'll be updating/renovating the gallery over the next few weeks. I'm also trying to finish writing up a pattern to post in honor of the 10,000th hit on this site!! (Steve was #10,000 hit - he did it as I was watching. hehe.)

Tuesday, January 6

Still here!

I'm home (reluctantly) from my vacation, and am going back to work tomorrow.

I've got lots and lots of great photos to show you, as well as pics of new/old/finished projects I have been working on. It is going to take a day or two though, for things to be unpacked and sorted out.