Wednesday, April 8

Space and Chocolate

I've slowly started packing my yarn and craft supplies for the move. Although we have both places for another month we'd rather be in the new place, so hubs has almost completely emptied his half of the room.

Anyone who as done it will understand why I am dragging my feet on this. But what if I need something unexpectedly and it's packed? Or at the other house? My current knitting should be enough to keep myself occupied, especially since I came down with a case of startitis recently.

One compelling reason to get my stuff moved asap is that I am going to have my very own room!

my own room!

I'm so excited. You know, when we moved into our current space (less than a year ago...) we were so excited to have a second bedroom. That fact that somehow managed to elude both of us is that we would both want to be using the room for our hobbies... at the same time after work... nearly every single day. While it was nice not having hobby things strewn across the living room all of the time (ok - not having everything we own strewn across the living room) it wasn't really the fiber sanctuary I had envisioned. Cheers for a third bedroom!

Something else to make the packing a little easier is this piece of home made fudge, from one of Steve's co-workers.

monster fudge

Yes my friends, that is a piece of fudge the size of a slice of cake. We finished it in one night. Now I wish there was more...

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