Tuesday, March 15

Third times a charm.

I hope, at least.

This is the third time I have written and posted this entry, but Blogger seems to have eaten the other two. (BTW, does anyone one else who uses Blogger find it strange that the spell check doesn't recognize "blog" as correct? Kind of annoys me.)

Anyway, I finished my yoga mat bag. It was a fun, fast project. Now to see how often the mat actually makes it back into the bag after I've used it.

Also, here is a shot of my Opal 6ply socks next to each other. I think they might be the best matched pair I have completed so far. I did manage to sew up the holes in the gussets without making them look worse.

What's next?

Well, I have enough Dale Svale yarn to make a tank top, but am still searching for the perfect pattern. And then more socks of course. =)

Sunday, March 6

Beautiful Day

I've got my windows and sliding door open today. It's only about 50 degrees, but the fresh air and sunshine are soooo nice!

Another something nice is my finished pair of Opal 6 ply socks while watching Star Wars episode IV and V.

6 ply Brazil 1126

Of course, I love them. The pattern doesn't match too well on the heels but you can't tell in this photo. I haven't taken any off-the-foot photos yet, since I need to sew up a few major gaps in the corners of my short row heels.

I started what I hope will be a quick project after finishing the socks, the Yoga Mat bag from Stitch and Bitch Nation.