Wednesday, June 30


Wow. Four days is a long time to go without an internet connection. (I think I have gotten too spoiled by all this technology!) A guy from the cable company came out and fixed it today.

Secret Pal stuff

I joined the Knitter's Review Secret Pal program! I'm already having loads of fun with it. My pal sent me an e-card today saying a package was on its way! Hehe - I'm going to be running home to check the mail all next week!

It is also fun picking things out to send to my pal. While shopping for her, a few things fell into my basket for me. Imagine that! I'm not going to say what though; I'd hate to give away my identity this early!

(I feel like I am overusing the exclamation point tonight. Sorry! =)

Tuesday, June 29

I am writing this from work

...since my internet connection at home has been down for over 50 hrs. When I called to report it, all I heard was a message saying there is a "temporary service interruption" in my area. Grrrr.. How long is temporary?

I have been working on the foot of the second toe-up Multieffect sock, so maybe it is just as well that I can't post any photos from work. All you would see is a tube. Thrilling! (Besides, if you really just HAVE to see the sock, scroll down through the past posts until you find the first one of the pair. It looks just like that. hehe =)

Tuesday, June 22

Did anyone guess where I went this weekend? Here is a better hint:

That's the NASCAR race at Michigan International Speedway. It was a blast.


I finished the bucket hat in time!

It is made from Berroco Suede yarn, which is most certainly not the yarn called for in the pattern (hence all my issues). I am mostly pleased with the way it finally came out, but I am going to block it to try and get a more "buckety" shape. (You can also see my wicked sunburn in this photo. Apparently the sunblock my Mom gave me was expired =)~

I also made a quick little i-cord bracelet out of a bit of leftover yarn. It looks and feels so much like suede it isn't right.

Wednesday, June 16

Frogging and Spinning

Here is my Bottoms Up Bucket 0'Chic hat that has been restarted three times now. (Third time's a charm I hope!)

The problem is not with the pattern, but my inablilty to get the gauge right. I made a swatch before I started - really, I did! But I've gone down two needles sizes now and everything seems to be working nicely. Cross your fingers that I can manage to make it work this time. The original purpose of this hat was to wear this weekend*. Hmmm. There is still hope!

*(If anyone can recognize what the hat is sitting on, you'll be able to tell where I am going this weekend!)

Spinning Wheels

Not sure if I have mentioned it here yet, but my parents are going to buy me a spinning wheel as a graduation present! I'm still trying to decide which one to get, but leaning toward an Ashford Kiwi or Traditional wheel. HUGE thanks to the hobbit knitter, Sarah Elizabeth, for her help. If anyone else has an opinion or suggestion please let me know!

Tuesday, June 15

Kinda boring.

Sorry I haven't posted anything lately. I just haven't done anything that directly pertains to a "knitting" blog.

After having to take apart a project for the third time last week, I haven't really done any knitting. BUT I have projects that I would like to finish, and loads more I would like to start, so stay tuned! I promise more interesing things will be coming.

Wednesday, June 2

Story of a Sock

I am trying to come up with the perfect sock "recipe" for myself. The sock I finished last weekend is close to what I have in mind. The only major changes I would make for the next pair would be to shorten the foot a few rows and narrow it a few stitches (I decreased for the leg and that number is perfect).

Regia Multieffect #5375
8.5 stitches/inch with size 0 Addi turbos
Specifics (see smaller photos below for details):
~short row toe (from Lucy Neatby's Cool Socks Warm Feet)
~modified Eclectic heel
~4x1 ribbing up leg
~tubular (grafted) bind off (from Cat Bordi's Socks Soar on Circular Needles)

Now to finish the second one!