Monday, March 31

I worked on my purse a little more tonight. (a very little) I think I am going to have to add more fuzz to the first side, I'm not sure there is enough. On another note, I finally filed my fed. and state income tax. yay! (small teeny tiny refund) I've never waited this long to do it before, so it is a great relief that is finished. I've got to give a powerpoint presentation for a class tomorrow.. so I better go make sure I know what I am going to say!

Sunday, March 30

The little fuzzy black purse is going well. I finished one side tonight. Being black, it doesn't scan well, but I will put up a picture of the whole thing when it is completed. It keeps shrinking up on itself when it sits for a while, so I'm not sure if it is going to turn out as big as I was planning. Oh well, should still work ok! I like how it is turning out so much, I am going to try and write down the pattern and instructions once I complete it and post it on this site for anyone who wants to check it out.
OK: the socks are going to put put on hold, since I have come up with a new, more urgent project. I need a cute little purse to take to my cousin's wedding in a few weeks. Since I couldn't find anything fancy enough in the stores (or maybe thats just an excuse...) I decided to make it. I wasn't sure how exactly I was going to do it, so I bought a bunch of different yarns. You can see them in the picture below:

(A) is silver crochet cotton, (B) is silver glitterspun by LB, (C) is black glitterspun by LB, (D) is chenille sensations by LB, (E) is chenille thick and quick by LB, (F) is fun fur by LB. (I went to Hobby Lobby - can you tell?) Also in the picture is a zipper for the top, some silver and black onyx beads to make a zipper pull, and marble-ish fabric for a lining. I've done some swatches, and I think I am going to go with the black glitterspun and chenille sensations held together, with a strip of fun fur added at the top just before the zipper. I really wanted to do fun fur all the way, but the swatch was too hairy-looking for the effect I was going for.
Here is a scan of the sock. It is knit differently than most socks: the top (leg) part is done side to side on 2 needles, joined into a tube, then the foot stitches are picked up from one end of the tube. (the red yarn in a provisional cast on, so the ends can be grafted together.)

Friday, March 28

I started on my first pair of socks today - the "dresser scarf socks". I am going to finish the first pattern repeat tonight, and try to get a picture of my progress up tomorrow. Its going well so far, although I'm not sure my gauge is ok. I need to let it sit for a little while I think, so that the yarn can work itself into place and de-stretch.

Thursday, March 27

So here is my first real post:

I haven't been working on any projects since I got back home after spring break last sunday. I really want to start something. Socks I think. I have some light blue Fixation yarn that I was going to use to make up my own pattern, but seeing how I have never ever made socks before, I think I do want a pattern! I think I am going to make the "dresser scarf socks" from the spring 2003 Interweave Knits. They are interesting looking, and while not my favorite pattern in the world, they use fixation yarn so I think I can make it work. I'm going to start them tonight after I write this.

Tuesday, March 25

I think I have things working here. Yay! I've spent too much time on this lately... but its more fun than my real life. Currently, this is the only project I have going on. As always, there is a lot of stuff waiting in the wings!