Tuesday, January 27

My New Best Friend.

Last Saturday, my husband and I drove out to The Fold in Marengo, IL and purchased my new BFF.

my new Lendrum wheel

This is a Lendrum Double Treadle with the complete kit: flyer and bobbins, kate, jumbo plying head and flyer, and fast flyer. Yeah. It feels a little (ok, very) extravagant, but I've been saving for this for a long time and am very happy to finally own one.

my new Lendrum double treadle

I had never been to The Fold before; I guess I always assumed it was far from me but in reality it was only an hour or so. It seems like a great shop and I can't wait to go back. I actually didn't even look at much yarn (there was a lot) since I wasn't planning on buying any that day. They gave me a huge bag of fiber to get started with, and I've spun up a few bobbins so far.

my first spinning attempt
two ply, about 80 yards

Not horrible for my first attempt. I seriously need to keep reminding myself that this is going to take time to learn and that I need to be patient with myself.

If anyone knows of a good technical spinning guide or some place with good instructions on why you need to do something, not just what you do, I'd love any recommendations.

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