Thursday, January 22

Finished: Crofter's Cowl

Knit Cowl

I made this knit cowl from leftover Creatively Dyed Merino from my button tab hat. I had to modify the pattern a few ways since I realized less than halfway through that I would run out of yarn if I continued as written. You wouldn't notice the mods unless you were looking at the original pattern, but I only did four out of six pattern repeats and they are all in the same direction. The pattern calls for two sets of three repeats to be knit and then grafted together in the center to make a symmetrical tube.

I am happy with mine but I do still like the original pattern and might make it again with ample yardage available.

knit cowl, with coat
not the most flattering photo, but you get the idea

This yarn is very very soft. Not only does it match the button tab hat (obviously) but I looks good with two of my winter coats*.

Pattern: Crofter's Cowl, by Gudrun Johnston (on Ravelry)
Yarn: leftover Creatively Dyed Merino (I think this is one of her older yarns.)
Needles: size 7US bamboo circs
Started/Finished: January 9, 2009 - January 11, 2009

*Yes, I have more than one winter coat. Three, exactly. My Columbia it's-super-cold-and-snowy coat - i.e. every day for the last month, a charcoal wool pea coat for when it is not super cold and I want something a little nicer, and a new long black winter trench-type coat from my mother. The hat goes with the last two.

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