Monday, February 2

WIPs and Buttons Revisited

I realized a few months ago that since Ravelry taken over a portion my life in the last year and a half I seem to have stopped posting about my projects in progress. I know that looking at half-finished projects gets a little old after a while but I miss the feedback I used to receive on things before they were complete. So I am going to make an effort to show what I am working on more often. (I'm thinking of "WIP Wednesday", ingoring the fact that I am writing this on Monday.)

I currently only have one project that I am actively working on, a Circular Shrug for myself using Bernat Denim Style (a cotton/acrylic blend). I have to say I love this yarn; it is nice and soft and stands up well to repeated washings.


It really doesn't look like much of anything in the photo, I know.

I am very close to finishing this. With a little luck (that I don't fall asleep in front of the TV) I can finish it tonight.

A project that has been started, ripped out, and abandoned in my knitting bag is a Henry Scarf from Knitty for my husband. I love the look of the finished scarf but the knitting seems a little daunting. It is a lengthwise knit scarf (as in, back and forth the long way) out of fingering weight yarn with a slip stitch herringbone pattern. I thought I'd tilted the odds of finishing it a little more in my favor by choosing a DK weight yarn (albeit a dark charcoal color) and reducing the number of stitches but it still seems like a beast to tackle. I'm having a lot of guilt about it though since my husband doesn't often want me to knit for him, and he can't find another scarf pattern that he likes as much. We'll see what happens. Maybe once I dive in I'll find a rhythm and it will go quickly after all.

Thanks to everyone who took my "button quiz" last week. My indecision on the buttons feels a little more justified since the vote between pink and yellow was split almost 50/50 the entire time. The pink ended up winning by ~15% and I think I am going to go with those.

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