Thursday, January 22


So I just realized that I had a number of posts sitting in Wordpress unpublished. Shoot, I always feel so far behind when that happens. I have deleted the irrelevant ones and left two finished object posts below.

Anyway - Buttons!

Last weekend Joann was having a 40% off button sale, and I took the opportunity to finally find some to match my button tab hat, which has been buttonless since I finished it last August. I have two choices here that I just can't decide between. What do you think?

Pink buttons:


Yellow buttons:


I think I am leaning towards the pink, but the yellow is just a little different you know? What do you think?

I also picked up a few other cute buttons to add to my meager button jar. I would have liked to get more but I am saving my pennies for something super-duper special. More on that this weekend!


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