Sunday, January 4

A few knitting gifts.

I was very lucky and received a number of knitting related Christmas gifts this year.

knitting related christmas gifts '08

My parents bought me Woolly Wormhead's Going Straight (a unique hat pattern book) and a Patons sock pattern booklet plus yarn to go with each. (SWS and Kroy Socks.) They also gave me the new Stephanie Pearl-McPhee book Free-Range Knitter. I received a "Knitting Pattern a Day" 2009 calender from my aunt and uncle. They have given me these calenders in the past and I always end up dismantling them to sort through the patterns a few months into the year. I'm going to try and use it as an actually calender this year.

Steve (with a little help from my Amazon wishlist) gave me a skein of Rock Creek Yarn's Cherry Blossom sock yarn, something I've wanted since I came across their ad on Ravelry. He also bought me Franklin's new knitting cartoon book "It Itches" and (drumroll...) Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Workshop DVD. I've wanted the DVD for years now and am excited to watch it.

I also bought myself something for Christmas:

Yarntini Cheertini Yarn

A skein of Yarntini's Cheertini sport-weight sock yarn. I was hoping to have it in time to actually make socks to wear on Christmas but our plans changed because of a massive snow/ice storm and we left home before it came in the mail. Oh well, I guess I'll have new Christmas socks next year.

And now, since it is my last day of vacation before I have to be up bright and early for work tomorrow, I am going to go take a bubble bath (with a Lush bath bomb from my hubby) and watch my new EZ DVD before reading in bed for the rest of the night.

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