Thursday, January 15

Winter Pet Peeve

It's not the piles of snow, slick ice, or arctic temperatures that have been bothering me the most this winter. It's not people who drive way too fast or way too slow for the conditions, or the fact that I have to go to work when every school for over 50 miles around is closed.

It's parking.

I've noticed this winter more than ever that when the lines in a parking lot are covered with snow or slush, people seems to lose any ability to judge how wide their car is and how much room they need to park. Everywhere I go, cars are parked three-quarters of a car width away from the one next to it, effectively cutting the parking lot size by half or more.

Some places, like the mall or Target, this is just an inconvenience since I have to park farther away than I would like. Other places, like work or my apartment building, it is a real problem since spots are limited to begin with.

OK people? Let's try to me aware of what we are doing and what is going on around us. Not just in the snow, but every time we park our cars.

snowIf my camera had a temp gauge, this photo would have been marked '-90 million degrees below 0'.

I'll leave you with this,
Bad Parking Blog, which comforts me that I'm not alone in my bad parking hatred.

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