Tuesday, November 6

Christmas List.

I am a champion list-maker. I’ve got notebooks of lists (work bag notebook, kitchen notebook, knitting notebook), a cascade of post-it notes stuck to the checkbook flap of my wallet for short-term lists, lists I email to myself… it goes on from there.

Many times I find that I never even look at a list again once I have it written down and out of my head. This list, my holiday knitting ideas, I am posting here so I can refer back to it in the future.

If you are reading this and think you might be on the list to receive a knitted gift please turn back now. I mean it. (Dad, I’m looking in your direction…)

1) Hat for my husband. He requested “black and plain”. Sigh. I am making EZ’s Very Warm Hat from the Opinionated Knitter; black wool with a brown wool/cotton lining. So he can wear it brown side out if he is feeling particularly adventurous.

2) Socks for my Dad. Worsted weight, superwash wool. I’m probably going to put in a stripe or two, but haven’t decided if I want ribbing all the way down the leg and foot or not yet.

3) Socks for my husband. Because he is acting jealous of Dad’s socks.

4) Commissioned tea cozy for my aunt. My mother gave me yarn and a pattern for a cabled tea cozy and said “wouldn’t this be a great gift for your aunt if I gave her a matching teapot?” Hmmm.

5) Socks for Mom. Now this is a kicker. She picked out two balls of yarn at Stitches Midwest for socks. I was going to surprise her with the patterns, and have them done for Christmas. I was more than halfway done with the first sock and I lost it. No, really. Lost It. I have no idea where it could be, since the only place I would have had it is in my apartment, in my work bag, or in my car after a weekend road trip. And it’s not any of those places. I mean come on, it’s not like I could have drove off and left it at a gas station as it was buying a pop.

6) Lace scarf for mom, from an IK mag (I’ll have to look up the pattern name). I really really want to make this for her. Nevermind that I haven’t started yet, or that I am a very slow lace knitter. Or that I haven’t finished the lace scarf I started for her last Christmas…

These are the main things I’ve got going this year. Which still seems like a lot (if you count the lace) since this is a busy time for me at work. I’ve had tons and tons of ideas such as felted potholder sets for aunts and cousins and a shawl/wrap for my MIL but I know I am not going to have time. Maybe next year. If I start in June.

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