Sunday, November 11

Dreary Sunday

First, the good news: I found the missing sock-in-progress!

broadripple socks

It was in the front pocket of the bag I packed the weekend it disappeared.

(You can stop laughing at me now.)

Today is the kind of overcast fall day that makes you want to sit at home and do nothing. So besides a trip to the grocery store this morning that is exactly what I am doing. I cooked up a few batches of chicken and rice to freeze for lunches next week (one with broccoli and one with black beans and corn), put some laundry in the washer and now I'm watching an X-Files DVD. All I need is my knitting a maybe a little hot chocolate and my night is made!

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AJ said...

Sounds like a great day. My days are never that quiet with Scout around. Maybe one day I'll get an entire day off. I'd love to end it with knitting and hot chocolate.