Sunday, October 28

Finished: pumpkins!

After deciding not to do much holiday-gift knitting this year, my list of things to make seems to be growing steadily. Most of them I don't even have the yarn for yet. As is my usual MO in these situations, I have knit something completely unrelated. (I originally typed unproductive but really, how could making this cute little punkins be unproductive?!)


set I made first for Mom

punkins 2

punkins I made for me, after being sad at giving away the first set!

These are all made out of Brown Sheep Nature Spun worsted in "Orange You Glad" and "Bev's Bear". (The color difference is just due to the lighting conditions.) You can find the pattern here.

Now I'm off to by some yarn at Knitpicks, and decide if any of my knitted gift ideas absolutely have to be done.


AJ said...

Those are totally cute! Where did you get the pattern?

JamieL said...

Dear goodness, I think those are some of the cutest things I have seen in a long time! How lovely they turned out!