Sunday, November 18


I can't believe I wrote that last post a week ago. Time seems to be moving at warp speed. The fact that Thanksgiving is next week is blowing my mind!

I have made very little knitting progress, gifts or otherwise. I spent most of the time I've been home this last week just sitting and staring at something on TV; usually I can't stand to do that. Maybe that means work is starting to melt my brain? Eeesh.

I'm hoping to have some photos of the gifts I am working on soon, but it's been impossible to get home before dark to take them. If I can't get them in natural light tomorrow, I'll just give in and use the flash. No photos make for a very boring blog!

I spent all of yesterday and today with my husband. That's actually very unusual, since he is a restaurant manager and weekends off are few and far between. It was fantastic - I appreciate the time with him more than ever because of this.

OK, I seems to be rambling here. Off to make holiday (yummy baked goods) plans! Knitting to come soon!

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