Wednesday, November 21

Finished: Very Warm Hat

I mentioned a while back that I was making a hat as a Christmas gift for my husband. (He requested “black and plain”.) Well it has been finished for a few weeks, and since the weather is becoming cold and snowy here in Chicago it seemed silly to wait until Christmas to give it to him.

Very Warm Hat

I used the Very Warm Hat pattern from EZ’s The Opinionated Knitter. Fast and easy to knit; I loved adding the second layer to an otherwise plain hat.

The black outer layer is Knit Picks Swish Superwash and the lining is Main Line, a cotton/wool blend. I found the black Swish superwash a little “squeaky” and slick feeling which surprised me because I have used other colors of this yarn with no problems. Maybe it has something to do with the black dye on superwash yarn?

Anyway, I used almost the entire ball of the Swish, and a little less of the Main Line. My gauge was tighter with the Swish, so I had to adjust the number of stitches slightly when I added the lining.

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