Tuesday, November 27


I am adding item #7 to my knitting gift list. I found these vase/pot patterns after hearing about them on the Lixie Knits It podcast (sorry, don't remember the episode). I bought the "Autumn Duo" pattern at the bottom of the page. I know my Mom would love one, and thought my Mom-In-Law would like one too. So I guess... that would be #7 and #8.

So you don't think I am adding to the list without having finished anything, here is the tea cozy being blocked on my bathroom counter last night:

tea cozy in progress

I think you can tell how it is constructed in this photo. I'm sure it is dry by now, but I don't really feel like doing all of the finishing embellishments tonight so it is still sitting on the counter. Hey, the week's still early!

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