Sunday, January 28

Projects in Progress (Or, things I need to finish.)

I took some time this weekend to find all of the projects I have sitting around in various stages of completion. In no particular order:

1) Christmas ornaments - mini hats and mittens. These were supposed to be for this past year. Whoops. At least if I finish them soon I will have a head start on next Christmas! 50% complete.

2) Dale Svale Diamonique top. It would be nice to have the finished before summer. 35% complete.

3) Helmet ear cover thingies from (I can't seem to find this pattern online anymore. Maybe I am just missing it?) For my Dad's motorcycle helmet; so his ears don't freeze when he is so anxious to ride he can't wait for it to warm up outside! The straps are not the same size/shape as the bicycle helmet straps the pattern is written for. The first cover I knit up was not quite right so I need to try again. So, that would be 0% complete I guess.

4) A Surprise. Originally supposed to be a Christmas surprise, but I was realistic enough to see that it might have caused a nervous breakdown if I rushed to finish in time. Probably the most complicated pattern I have ever attempted. 10% complete.

5) Unbiased - recycled silk purse from Knitty. This is complete; I just want to sew in a lining before I use it.

6) Fabric strip knit purse. This is a kit I picked up on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $5 a number of years ago. Not started yet - but it would be nice to have for the spring.

7) Bead Soup bracelet kit from Earth Faire. I made one of these for my Mom last year and it was very easy and lots of fun. 0% complete.

8) MaryElla bracelet from Knitty. Kit purchased from Earth Faire. 0% complete.

9) Chic Knits Ribby Cardi. I have two colors of Plymouth Encore to use for this and started a sleeve about a year ago. I am probably going to finish, but am half thinking of other uses for the yarn. 5% complete.

10) Felted Flower kits. I have three of these from Stitches Midwest last year. 0% complete.

11) Shedir hat from Knitty. Rowan Calmer, also purchased at Stitches. 0% complete.

This list isn’t as outrageously long as I was expecting. I am not saying that I am going to finish all of these before I start something else; but I do want to finish all of them before I buy any new yarn! I look forward to crossing a few of these off soon.

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Jen said...

Wow, that's a long list. Better get knitting so we can see some results!
I saw your blog on the New York City Knitters ring and thought you or your readers might be interested in my knitting group The Upper East Side Knitters. Visit our website to join. We meet Tuesday nights at the Starbuck on York Ave. and East 80th St from 7-9 pm.
Take care!