Tuesday, January 23

We didn't come here looking for trouble.

I don't want to jinx anything, but is it possible that two of my favorite teams could win a championship in the same decade? Within two years of each other? Although it is true the White Sox sweep of the World Series in 2005 seemed a little more solid than the Bears hot and cold QB, I can't help but hope. Plus, we’ve had lots of fun reminiscing about the “Super Bowl Shuffle”, Jim McMahon, Sweetness and the Fridge. Ah, good times.

Anyone who watched the game Sunday afternoon saw that winter has finally hit Chicagoland. I guess I don't really mind, as long as the roads are clear when I have to drive somewhere. All of this cold does make me wish I had knit (well, finished) more winter things.

One idea I had was to make leg warmer type things to wear in the car before it warms up, maybe with buttons so they are easy to remove, to keep my ankles from freezing. This is the first place I get cold, and thick socks are not always an option. I should work on these soon, instead of waiting until next winter and then forgetting again.

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