Wednesday, January 24


I am more than halfway finished with the second sleeve of my sweater. (I'm not sure what to call it - Debbie Bliss sweater? Ribbed sweater? FCEK sweater?) My plan is to finish the sleeve by the end of the week, then sew it up and knit the collar this weekend. It already feels good to have one of my older projects near completion.

Sleeve in progress

You can see my notes in the photo above. I have sort of a strange way of keeping track of patterns, but it makes perfect sense in my head. I have to write out the pattern as a series of lines or circles to be crossed off as I complete each row. Any shaping is abbreviated and placed where it falls in the pattern. This allows me to both visualize what I am doing and make sure I understand the instructions before I start. OK, maybe that is not so strange, but what definitely qualifies is that I knit two rows (ie a knit row and a purl row) before I cross of two of the lines. I can't knit a row and cross off a row one at a time. It just doesn't feel right!

Work is starting to slow down to a more normal pace where I am not thinking that driving my car off a bridge is a suitable alternative to showing up for work in the morning. In fact, I left at 4:45pm today (15 minutes early). My boss and a few co-workers had already left, but I still felt so incredibly guilty about it that I had to talk myself out of driving back there to answer some emails, even when it had become way past 5:00. Why do I always have to play the responsible one?!

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