Tuesday, January 16

First FO of 2007

Opal socks

I finished these socks Sunday night, washed them Monday, and wore them to work today. (I think most super-wash sock yarn becomes softer after it is washed.) So even though it is 20°F outside right now, my feet are toasty warm.

Opal Socks

Opal Southwest (color #3702 )

This is the first pair of socks I have knit with shorter cuffs. Not sure what took me so long, as I usually only wear shorter-cuffed purchased socks. I think I am going to make more like this in the future – I haven’t felt the need to push the tops down my legs further all day!

Now I get to choose which unfinished project to finish next. It is probably going to be a sweater that has been knit and ripped apart once already. Since we finally are having cold weather and snow here in Chicago (not that I like it) I feel compelled to knit more winter things.

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ShelbyD said...

Very cute! I like the idea of using a shorter cuff and may steal it for my next pair of socks.