Sunday, March 8

$10 Craigslist Find

Check out my new IKEA Oppala chair:

IKEA Oppala Chair

IKEA discontinued this chair in 2005 and I am very excited to find one, especially at a great price. What does this have to do with knitting you ask? Because of this awesome pattern from Veronik Avery in IK Fall '04:

chair cover

I'm so excited to start this. I haven't decided what yarn to use yet, but the pattern calls for Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool and I might just stick to that. I could buy them one at a time with Joann 50% coupons and it wouldn't cost a fortune. But I am still looking into other options like Knit Picks and WEBS for an affordable option. I think I want to stick with wool, even though it might be warm in the summer, because cotton might stretch too much and too high an acrylic percentage might get sweaty (never a good thing).

(Incidentally, the addition of this chair brings the percentage of IKEA furniture in my house up to about 98%.)

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Nik said...

Oh. My. God. I gasped with glee when I saw what you were planning to do with the chair.