Thursday, March 26

Time Flies

It is hard to believe that today is Thursday already; I've been writing this post in my head since the weekend.

Only five more days until we pick up the keys to our townhome. I'm not as excited as I feel I should be. It's a combination of the fact that we moved in to our current apartment less than a year ago (and let's face it, moving sucks), we will have two residences for a month and a half and will need to figure out what to move when/where to be when, and the fact that we have to pay for two places for a month and a half. Eek.

Plus the added stress of worrying about being worried. Always helpful.

As a much needed mini-vacation getaway, I'm taking the day off work tomorrow and my mom and I are having a fiber-y weekend together visiting yarn stores. I don't really have any plans or money to buy anything, but a skein of sock yarn or some fiber might find its way home with me.

As for knitting, I seem to be on a small project kick lately. I've finished two in the last week, Fetching mitts and a spinning wheel bag. (I'll write FO posts for them soon along with a few others I've finished but never written about. I've got a whole backlog since almost the beginning of the year. How'd that happend?)

As far as projects in progress, I've still working on the same old socks. I started a project that has been in my queue forever - the Chevron Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I'm not pleased with how it's turning out so far. The needles I chose are too large and the colors are stacking up in a way that takes away from the premise of the scarf. (Using two balls of yarn to create stripes.)

Chevron Scarf in progress

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