Friday, February 27

Opinions Wanted!

There is a townhouse that we like both the location and layout/size of. It is begin offered for rent, and the owner could be hesitant about us making changes, i.e. painting. (This is the impression I got from our agent, but I don't have a definite answer yet.) Now, this isn't me wanting to cover plain white walls -- just the opposite in fact. There is a lot of DIY faux-type painting and strange interesting color combinations. I'd love it if some (all?) of the rooms a little more.... tastefully decorated. Besides that, it has nice newer appliances and window treatments. It seems that nice places in good locations that we can afford are few and far between. Would you go forward with it, and assume that you'll be able to ignore the current paint jobs after living with them for a while?

I'm thinking yes right now, but I keep waffling back and forth.

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