Friday, March 20

Finished: New Day yarn

Spunky Eclectic "New Day"

I finished spinning and plying my Spunky Eclectic roving Wednesday night. Unsurprisingly, it didn't end up looking anywhere near what I was imaging but I'm sure that will improve with practice. (Whether my spinning improves to match my expectations or my expectations become more reasonable is anyone's guess.) I haven't decided what I am going to make with it yet, but it has been sitting beside me all evening. It's very nice to pat and squish every now and then.

Fiber: 4 oz of Spunky Eclectic Club February '09 "New Day", Corridale wool
Ply: 2-ply
WIP: 7-8
Yardage: ~220
Started/Finished: March 14 - March 18

Projects I'm considering include a hat (Abalone by Woolly Wormhead?) and a simple lace scarf. Whatever pattern I choose needs to be able to show off the colors well.

Spunky Eclectic "New Day"


Libby said...

It's lovely. I think you did a wonderful job. I'm so impressed by spinners since my one and only attempt was really really bad.

Amy said...

I think it's beautiful!